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What is podfic, you ask? Podfic is an audio recording of fanfic, read aloud by a fan.

I record one every now and then. You can download most of them from the Audiofic Archive. I've also started posting links from my AO3 account. Here's the list so far, sorted by fandom:

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two podfics

Nov. 3rd, 2012 04:06 pm
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I mentioned one of these before, but in October I finished two podfics:

1. Limited Release by rageprufrock, an XMFC FBI AU fic with Erik/Charles established relationship and Alex/Hank preslash. Details here. Download the mp3 or the m4b audiobook. Also check out the blooper reel.

2. Observations by zlot, "A Bear Named Winnie" slash. Details here. Download the mp3.

So, I currently have nothing in the queue podficwise. I want to record something and have vague thoughts about doing another Reboot K/S fic or Teen Wolf or something funny, but I don't have any actual fics in mind. Instead I am trying to work on Fanlore and OTW things. Mostly I look at Fanlore and identify gaping holes in our coverage that I can't fill in either, like fanart and non-media fandom topics.
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is there an XMFC fic finding community? at least two distressed fic readers here.

In Fanlore news, I started a page for Carpe Brewski. I'm hoping someone else will add to it, hint hint.

Considering how XMFC has been my obsession since last August, it's a little sad to see only 16 Fanlore articles for the fandom. I should fix this... when I have time.

Meanwhile, Amplificathon 2012 has started, and I am still working on the same podfic I've been working on since the beginning of February. Just yesterday I felt compelled to re-record a whole 50-minute section because in the recording I sounded half-asleep. I'm sure people have worked on podfic for longer, but I have a persistent fear that I will break my computer or Audacity will eat my files before I finish.


Mar. 4th, 2012 05:54 pm
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I've been reading a wide variety of Erik/Charles AUs lately and love them all passionately. You should read them, too: my pinboard rec list.
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You must read If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie by paperclipbitch. It was posted yesterday, I stayed up until 5 a.m. reading it (after finding it in the Hank/Alex tag after midnight, hello my new favorite pairing I didn't like at all before I actually tried reading it), and I still haven't finished it yet because I don't want it to end. Judge ye not by the premise -- non-powered high School AU wherein Erik is the guidance counselor -- because it is wonderful and exactly the story I never knew I wanted. Because everyone in this story is psychologically disturbed to varying degrees, yet likely to live happily ever after (since I haven't finished reading it, I can't promise this last bit). And I'm also sort of jealous because being a silent weirdo in high school did not net me an adorable, shy, geeky, bespectacled boyfriend. Maybe if I'd stabbed someone in the neck things would have gone differently.

Or possibly it's because Hank McCoy didn't go to my school. ANYWAY.
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Reading other people's XMFC recs. So far I am loving 5 Problems Logan Solved Like A Boss, a fic that proves just how much XMFC suffered from a lack of Wolverine, and New Beautiful Things Come, a fic that made me wonder why I haven't seen any stories about the gender identity of shape shifters before. I can only wish for another story like this where Mystique is the main character instead of a secondary character.


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