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Better Off by kuwdora. An unusual Due South Fraser/Kowalski vid, from Fraser's point of view. Fraser thinks Ray would be better off with him. The melody of the song choice lends the vid an unquantifiable air of pathos, while the lyrics paint a disturbing picture of possessiveness. Actually, every time I watch this vid, it tells me a slightly different, slightly creepier story.

Filthy/Gorgeous by kuwdora. A fast-paced Heroes vid. Everyone wants a piece of Peter Petrelli. I found the vid hilarious; I guess that makes me a sadist.

Sleeping with Ghosts by butterfly. A transgenerational (TOS/Reboot) Kirk/Spock vid. Soulmates never die. It's quite moving, as well as visually interesting--pretty color filters!

Wonderful Times on the Enterprise by ImaginarySanity. This upbeat gen vid is objectively hilarious. Enterprise=crack den.
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D: by Rageprufrock. a dish of cracktastic Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto humor fic. I haven't read any other Reboot RPS yet, so I don't know how the characterizations compare, but here the actors are all a reflection of their on-screen characters. For example, Zach is more emotional, but still basically a woobie.

VIDEO GOODNESS (all on youtube)
Answer Me by ImaginarySanity and CaptainQuirk. Reboot. Psychedelic remix vid with pretty colors and a Trekified techno theme.
Friends by tomfooltook28. a cute Reboot Kirk/McCoy friendship vid with excellent song choice.
The Nipple Pinch by ImaginarySanity. Meta in video form on the Kirk/Spock "nipple pinch" scene in classic Trek. Funny!
1995 Trek convention footage, featuring the "big three". DeForest Kelley was awesome!
When I'm 64 by T. Jonesy and Killa. Old-school Kirk/Spock vid.

Small Steps by anamatics. Kirk/Spock pre-slash. Alas, a WIP.
Lunch and Other Obscenities by Rheanna. Gaila and Uhura, cross-cultural misunderstandings. With excellent fanart.
You're Gonna Make It After All by igrockspock. Gaila genfic set during her first year at the Academy. More cross-cultural misunderstandings!
Communications series by screamlet. Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura, and shore leave hijinks.

Star Trek reboot: the soundtrack (or, why it didn't sound quite right) by kate. On how technical music things in the different Star Trek themes are used to create different moods. Apparently, the sound of space exploration is a fourth!
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Both of these were posted in 2008, but I rewatched them today:

1. I'm Your Man by Charmax. Multifandom cross-dressing femslash extravaganza. Why has no one mentioned that there were so many movies with female cross-dressers? I'm pretty sure I've seen only half of the source footage in this vid.

2. OMG! by [ profile] obsessive24. Doctor Who/Torchwood vid about the companions who travel with the Doctor, recced the other day by [ profile] thefourthvine. The soundtrack alone is worth watching the vid: a cover of "Oh My God" by the Kaiser Chiefs performed by a female singer--far superior to the version I found on In fact, just hearing the line "It don't matter to me" as sung in a female British voice is worth it. Anyway, the funniest aspect of the vid is that the soundtrack is clearly a bootlegged copy that includes a male dj who periodically interrupts the music "to prevent bootleggers," but the vid successfully incorporates the "corruption" of the audio track by presenting it visually as if Captain Jack/Torchwood is just being an attention whore. (I was going to say something like Torchwood=The Man=mainstream media corporation=taking control of the narrative=dj's copyright concerns=>subverted visually and audibly by female narrative agency=>thingy! But "Jack=attention whore" is more to the point.) You will like the part where the dj says, "He's a very good friend of mine. Such a good friend!"


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