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What is podfic, you ask? Podfic is an audio recording of fanfic, read aloud by a fan.

I record one every now and then. You can download most of them from the Audiofic Archive. I've also started posting links from my AO3 account. Here's the list so far, sorted by fandom:

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Being Sherlock series by argyle4eva. Vampires and Werewolves AU inspired by Being Human. Sherlock is the vampire; John is the werewolf.

Rough Edges series by basingstoke. Gen crossover with Black Books. Bernard Black is Sherlock's cousin.

my body when it is with your by Mad Maudlin. Sherlock is a hypersensitive psychic; John is a horny werewolf.

A Priori and White Noise by rubberbutton. AU world in which vampires keep humans as slaves. Guess who's the vampire....

HP x SH crossover Art Trade by sadynax. Art!

Asteroidea trilogy by etothepii. His Dark Materials fusion.

The Case of the Unwelcome Owl by FayJay. Podfic version. Sherlock is a squib, and Luna Lovegood makes an appearance.

everything you won't tell me and others by etothepii. BDSM AU. Also Sherlock/Lestrade.

Reader by liberateourtime. Telepathic Sherlock and Telekinetic John.


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