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[personal profile] renay wrote a blog post on September 9, and I just discovered that the SF blogdom freaked out about it:

original post at Strange Horizons
Linkspam at Radish Reviews
Renay's comments at ladybusiness

Putting aside the horribleness, if you can, I was intrigued by this glimpse* into a modern-day fandom where the relationship between fans and creators is so different. And always has been, if all the navel-gazing by Isaac Asimov I've read is any indication.

Also, from what I've read of early Star Trek fandom, the fans initially assumed that media fandom would work the same way as sf book fandom.

*Yes, not my first glimpse, but I keep trying to forget. Like how the other day I was looking at an art book by Frank Kelly Freas, a famous sf illustrator, who listed "girls" as a category of science fiction illustration. Uh, no, they exist in real life!! But are usually wearing more clothes!!! I mean, he was married to a woman and everything; he had no excuse not to notice.


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