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I've been busy podficcing for #ITPE, reblogging gifs, and editing Fanlore, but not too busy to follow the OTW election drama... and edit the Fanlore article on it.

In RL news, I have a lot more hair than I had last year (soon to be rectified). I'm getting more paranoid every year and less likely to post about RL on my journal. I am locking old posts left and right (LJ has a mass flocking feature!). Yet I'm active on Twitter somehow. Because Twitter is a fine and private place.
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I took Loki to a computer repair store, where they told me that it was riddled with viruses and gave estimates for repairs that exceeded the cost of a new computer (the casing is also cracked so I can't close the laptop and upgrade the RAM). So naturally I took Loki home again and attempted to install Ubuntu instead. Woe! For the install appeared to have worked until it restarted and got as far as "Starting system log daemon...." before it sat and thought and thought and thought until it shut down again. What.

I'm googling this as we speak, but if anyone's got any ideas, speak up! Otherwise I'll try to install Ubuntu again since it's a brick either way.

ETA: Ubuntu version is 5.10 because I happened to have the CD lying around.

ETA2: Hitting Ctr-c after "synchronizing clock to" prevented a long wait for the [fail], but now it's stuck at "Starting kernel log daemon". I really hope this isn't the solution.

ETA3: Second attempt at installing Ubuntu better than the first. Now past the point it got stuck last time. Except now it's stuck at "Preparing to configure libltdl3" 17% WHY.
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I may have corrupted my hard drive somehow, so that random audio files that worked fine before now won't play and refuse to be copied to mass storage devices. Oh, yeah, and before that, Chrome was crashing instantly the moment I tried to open it, and I had to uninstall it. Good thing I have two computers, unless it's a virus and I infected both of them. I tried googling for 2013 computer viruses, but I only got news items about the flu.


Oct. 16th, 2009 11:56 am
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It snowed this morning, but then melted.

Have just read Diane Mott Davidson mystery. Fiction is dead.


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