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2020-12-16 12:14 pm

list o' podfic

What is podfic, you ask? Podfic is an audio recording of fanfic, read aloud by a fan.

I record one every now and then. You can download most of them from the Audiofic Archive. I've also started posting links from my AO3 account. Here's the list so far, sorted by fandom:

list o podfic ) full-cast podfics )
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2017-09-30 03:23 am
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#ITPE 2017 Dear Podficcer Letter!

Dear Podficcer,

My main fandom at this point is still Bandom, specifically: My Chemical Romance (including the members' post-band projects), Mindless Self Indulgence (especially Lindsey Way), and Fall Out Boy. I've also enjoyed pan-Bandom fanfic that included Panic at the Disco and other bands, but my heart belongs to MCR (and Pete, for some reason). My favorite ships are Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, Mikey/Pete, Frank/Mikey, and Gerard/Lindsey. And Gerard and Mikey being BFFs. And Lindsey being awesome.

I am also into Star Trek, specifically AOS. In 2009-2010 I read *all* the Kirk/Spock, but now I'm discovering via podfic that Kirk/Bones is excellent and I would love to hear more.

I know of Batman and his Batfamily members mainly through podfic and tumblr memes, but I've enjoyed everything I've heard so far! I think comics canon is what I've been seeing/hearing, but I haven't actually read the comics. (Netflix doesn't seem to have any of the Batman-adjacent cartoons??)

I have also just started watching Daredevil and am enjoying Matt, Karen, and Foggy's banter. My only knowledge of the fanfic is actually a group podfic I participated in recently, but it was fun, and I would love to hear more.

Things in fic I like include happy endings, humor, pining, AUs (especially: robots, space, supernatural), canon-compliant fic (Star Trek is already set in space!), genderfuckery, and fusions. Things I don't like include major character death (unless they're resurrected, of course), hockey, on-screen noncon, infidelity, and other unhappy endings. I also tend not to go for PWPs in podfics, but they don't squick me.

Things in podfic I like include you reading me a story! Thank you!!

You can see what I've rec'd to date here and on pinboard, if you want ideas...

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2017-08-25 06:56 pm
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fandom life

This month I've been posting Bandom recs at [community profile] fanart_recs! Someone who is/was on the Panic side of things should claim Bandom in a different month, because I have 0 recs for them.

I just counted so I can't claim that I've posted there more than I've posted here all year, but I've been on dreamwidth a lot more than usual this month.

So far this year I've been at two in-person gatherings with podficcers where we recorded group podfics in a variety of fandoms I now desperately want to get into but don't have time for (the one in February has its own collection); my AO3 works list makes me look super productive, but really I just said a few lines and didn't have to edit anything. I'm still trying to motivate myself to edit a podfic thing I recorded from last May to this March. This weekend for sure.

After my last Fanlore editing post I did start a page for THROAM, the most popular Panic! fic I'd never heard of. I got temporarily burnt out reading damnyouwentz posts in a way that never happened slogging through 12K chemicalromance posts written by teenagers, but now I miss my dumb READ ALL THE POSTS projects.

And at some point I have RL tasks to do.
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2017-05-28 12:05 pm
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bandom recs 2017

I've been holding on to this post for months in the hopes that I would collect more recs, but I just haven't been reading or listening to anything new-to-me in Bandom. Except for jjtaylor a few weeks ago. Last month, I started going through wolfshirts to see if I could identify it as the inspiration of other fics I've read, but then the bandombigbang deadlines started looming, so I've been trying to focus on that instead. Maybe I'll have actual new recs in October!

I could have sworn I'd read a bunch of classic Pete/Patrick fics while researching LJ bandom communities, but I didn't bookmark them. Oh well. I did add more links to the Peterick Fanlore page though: check it out!


Nightswimming by Waxjism, the incredibly long and incredibly worth listening to podfic by greedy_dancer, who apparently spent 5 years working on this. I could listen to greedy_dancer's voice all day. The story is a small town AU with Gerard suffering from depression and Frank falling in love with him while dealing with changes at home. Happy ending!

Hold Your Heart into This Darkness by tuesdaysgone, podfic trilogy by argentumlupine. Amazing Killjoys verse story with happy ending. I was nervous initially about the power dynamics of the Gerard/Korse pairing in the first part, but it worked so well I kinda shipped it, uh, which should not have been the takeaway from how that relationship played out.

Love: The Package Deal by jjtaylor. amnesia and polyamory and pining and feelings all over the place. Not sure why I delayed reading this so long, since I love everything else by jjtaylor. Speaking of...

Ghost Frank series by jjtaylor. So I checked back to see if I had neglected to read anything else by jjtaylor and Holy Shit I had. I must have passed over this before because Frank starts out as, well, a ghost, and I am not a fan of character death. I did cry, but it has a happy ending. Possibly a little too saccharine, but I needed an antidote. The haunted house and creepy supernatural mystery elements were genuinely frightening to me reading in bed after midnight in my dark apartment....

undeserving of your sympathy by akamine_chan, podfic by argentumlupine. Short superhero AU.

Two ways Pete and Gabe get married by lalejandra, podfic by reena_jenkins. notfic.
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2017-01-08 06:26 pm

2017 update

I continue to be way more active on twitter than here, though post-election I'm thinking Dreamwidth may be a better choice of venue if only more fans would use it. Since finishing bandom big bang I signed up for ITPE and went to Podfication in Minneapolis, where I hung out with fellow podficcers and had a great time. However, after talking to MPH about Fanlore, I came home inspired to write ten million new articles so I sort of forgot to write up a con report for Podfication. Before Podfication was also when I was binge-watching SPN because it was less scary than the real world, but I forgot about SPN too. I'm planning to get back to watching at some point, but the odds of me ever participating in the fandom are slim.

MCRchaeology, wherein I read through old Bandom communities on livejournal and write Fanlore articles about them, has been going well, if slowly. So far I've made pages for chemicalromance, geeheartmikey, mcr_het_fics, mychemicalslash, and yeahchemical. Last week's? Russian server scare made me even more anxious to READ ALL THE COMMS before somebody deleted them out of fear that Russia would actually care about your slash fic. There was already a 50/50 chance that picspams or meta posted to an individual journal were gone.

For ITPE I received a fantastic crossdressing historical AU Frank/Gerard podfic (3 hours!) from opalsong, who has a really nice, clear podficcing voice I don't think I'd heard before: A Lovely Apparition, written by wordslinging. RsCreighton also made me a delightful treat: By the Numbers, written by Shoemaster, wherein Frank is Gerard's accountant. Meanwhile, I recorded A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing by Bexless for duendeverde4. I'd brag about finishing a 3-hour podfic in less than a month, except rscreighton recorded 40+ hours for ITPE???
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2016-11-06 11:22 am

multi-voice podfics!

I recently participated in a few multi-voice podfics for various fandoms.

Edited by reena_jenkins!

5 headcanons from the "Rey and Finn and Poe get space-married via space potato because Jakku" AU 2 minutes, Star Wars
versus by unpretty. DCU gen with a duckling

Edited by Shmaylor!

Interlude (Rise Up) by Fahye. Hamilton's dream about getting it on with everyone
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2016-10-16 06:35 pm

bandom recs and self-recs!

A few things I made recently, all for challenges with varying degrees of built-in collaboration:

For Bandom Big Bang
Lyn-Z's Projekt Revolution Tour Diary, a collection of alien!Gerard/Lindsey collages pretending to be a zine
cover art and collage for Ande's podfic

For Pod_Together
podfic with sound effects of a fic akamine_chan wrote for me(!!), i sneak up (and hit you like a fucking tornado) (Lindsey/Kitty)


A few things made by other people, recently and not-so recently

The Hesitant Alien / The Punk Rock Princess, fanmix by akamine_chan. (2016-09-20)

By the Numbers by shoemaster. AU in which Gerard is a fine artist and Frank is his accountant. Very cute. (2007-12-17)
Only Going One Way by ataratah and jjtaylor. A delightful Due South crossover/fusion! Gerard is a mountie, Frank is a Chicago cop, Mikey is missing. (2010-06-16)
Podfic by Rhea314 of Fog, Sheets and Thunder by Theopteryx. Post-apocalyptic postal service AU, with sound effects! Set underground in a nuclear winter, but it ends on a positive note. (fic 2012-03-04, podfic 2013-08-28)
Septicemia by innocent_wolves. A little different from my usual recs, and darker, but it still has a happy ending. No Band AU. Frank is suicidal, and both Frank and Gerard have maladaptive super powers. (2012-2013)
and me here on the ground, podfic by Ande of the fic by ohnoktcsk. Magic AU. (fic 2013-09-01, podfic 2016-09-18)

Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison
podfic by argentumlupine of Half of Something Else by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone. AU where MCR didn't happen, Frank is Grant's assistant, and Gerard is a comic book artist. (fic 2011-08-18, podfic 2016-09-15)

podfic by fire_juggler of Pages In Your Passport by inlovewithnight. AU: Pete is a professional soccer player; Mikey is still in MCR. If anything, it ended too soon. (fic 2011-08-26, podfic 2012-07-13)

Love Will Tear Us Apart by melusina. Pete and Patrick don't notice until FOB goes on hiatus that they're soulbonded. (2016-09-18)

Any Ordinary Stranger by adellyna. Superpowers AU! Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer: one of those early pan-Bandom fics with too much PATD and not enough MCR. I just really love the understated way Patrick pines over Pete. (8th-May-2008)
podfic by reena_jenkins of From Countess to Cabin Boy by formerlydf. GSF Pirate AU in which Brendon is a girl who runs away and disguises herself as a boy to join a very silly pirate ship. (fic 2009-08-12, podfic 2012-06-16)
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2016-10-10 11:01 pm
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#ITPE 2016 Dear Podficcer Letter, yay!

Dear Podficcer,

My interests this year are similar to last year's. My fandom is Bandom, specifically: My Chemical Romance (including the members' post-band projects), Mindless Self Indulgence (especially Lindsey Way), and Fall Out Boy. I've also enjoyed pan-Bandom fanfic that included Panic at the Disco and other bands I don't recognize, but my heart belongs to MCR (and Pete, for some reason). My favorite ships are Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, Mikey/Pete, Frank/Mikey, and Gerard/Lindsey. And Gerard and Mikey being BFFs. And Lindsey Way being awesome.

You can see what I've rec'd to date here and on pinboard (mcr, fob).

Things in fic I like include happy endings, humor, pining, AUs (especially science fiction AUs), canon-compliant fic, gender nonconformity, and fusions. Things I don't like include major character death (unless they're resurrected, of course), hockey, cheating, and other unhappy endings. I also tend not to go for PWPs in podfics, but they don't squick me.

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2016-07-17 07:42 pm
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misc Bandom recs: all happy endings unless otherwise noted

fanart recs are everything I've reblogged on tumblr: mcr fanart, bandom fanart (FOB and LynZ so far)

Fic and podfic:


Podfic by klb of Forever, Now by harriet_vane. Gerard and Mikey are orphan runaways; Brian takes them in. I have a lot of feelings about the story and about klb's emotionally devastating performance. And there are sequels! (fanfic 2007, podfic August 2011)

RAY GUN by jedusaur. Short Grace-centric Killjoys fic. Not happy: everyone dies. (July 2013)


Supersaturation series by skoosiepants. Fusion with SGA. I don't even know who half of these bands are, and it doesn't matter. (2007-2009)

Pete Wentz: Failiest Ally by girlpearl and melusina. Pete/Gabe, but mostly about Pete being in denial to a ridiculous degree. (April 2012)


Away With The Boys In The Band by inlovewithnight. Very amazing and long history of the band with always-a-girl Mikey. I didn't know what the end game ship was going to be, although I really should have, but I read it for the girl!Mikey and mental health stuff so I didn't care. The Gerard & Mikey sibling relationship is also interesting. (June 2011)


Podfic by jenepod of We Used To Be Friends by ladyfoxxx. AU where Gerard never started MCR, Frank became a teacher, and Mikey joined The Used. Frank and Mikey were best friends in high school, but then Frank doesn't hear from Mikey for a long time, and it's even longer before he finds out why. I actually found the premise so upsetting (i.e. realistic) it was difficult to listen to, even though the podfic is well done and the story has a happy ending. (fic July 2012, podfic July 2013)


The Way It Works by anew_leaf. Gerard swears off sex with men; Frank convinces him to change his mind. (August 2007)

An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels by stele3. AU in which Frank is a fallen angel who turns up after MCR loses its record contract and Gerard is still living in his parents' basement. (December 2007)

Podfic by inkjunket of The Sky-High City by sevenfists. Post-band story written pre Danger Days. Frank is depressed and goes to stay with Gerard in California. The story is so jossed at this point that it's barely recognizable, but it's still cute. (fic August 2007, podfic March 2009)

Podfic by klb of The Anatomy of a Fall by novembersmith. 13 hours long high school/ghost AU with lots of plot and a happy ending, but ghost AU means one of the characters is still deadish, so. I cried. (fic June 2010, podfic January 2013)

Podfic by argentumlupine of Can Never Wrong This Right by theopteryx. historical academic Indiana Jones-ish AU with temporary bonding and lots of pining. Frank is Gerard's TA. (fic July 2010, podfic January 2013)

The Heart You Need by flyby. How the Killjoys became the Killjoys....if the Killjoys were telepathic space pirates. Very long, and a bit slow in the beginning, but with a summary like that, obviously I had to read it. (August 2013)

Frank Iero and Gerard Way, more known as frnk and gwhiz138, are famous Youtubers AU gifset series by spaceboyfrnk (June 2015)

Gerard Way/Lindsey Way

Asimov, the Deleted Scenes, plus sequel, by stele3. Lindsey meets inventor!Gerard and all his little robot friends. (March 2009)

Gerard Way/Patrick Stump

Podfic by inkjunket of Sing Ourselves to Sleep by Dira Sudis. Gerard and Patrick have a special moment during Warped Tour. The podfic was the first MCR podfic posted to the Audiofic Archive! (podfic October 2007)

Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz

Podfic by paraka of There and Gone by ladyfoxxx. Spy AU. Suspenseful angst with a happy ending. Paraka's use of music between scenes worked really well, although it turned out that the song fit so well because it was the original inspiration for the fic. Um, but it was a good aural experience just the same. (fic November 2010; podfic November 2013)

Podfic by argentumlupine of Accidents Will Happen by melusina. Bakery AU in which Pete accidentally filled out the wrong form and wound up married to his business partner. (fic February 2015; podfic December 2015)

sing like silver bells do by the_ragnarok. Asexual relationship. (June 2015)

Omegalomaniac by the_ragnarok. A/B/O but not porny heat fic. Well, maybe a little. Mainly it's a meta exploration of people who don't fit neatly into the A/B/O ternary! plus a side-order of anti-omega-sexism. And Fall Out Boy on tour. (August 2015)

Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith

There Should Be A Name For Something Like This by skoosiepants. cute tourfic (March 2007)

Sweater Vests series by disarm_d. Mid-20th century British university AU. Angst and sweater vests. Unresolved ending. (2007-2008)

Podfic by pennyplainknits of If Music Be The Food Of Love (I'll Have The Veggie Burger) by sunsetmog. Basically the origin story of P!atD, but slashier and read in Penny's British accent :) Actually, everything I know about P!atD I learned from fanfic, so don't quote me on that. (fic 2008, podfic 2011)

Podfic by cee_m of the Panties and Lip Gloss series by sunsetmog. (fic 2012, podfic 2013)
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2016-05-08 05:17 pm
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new podfic!

A week ago I posted my podfic of the second fic in Bexless's Unholyverse trilogy at AO3: staring through the demons. The final version was 5 hours, pretty long for podfic by me, though definitely not the longest Bandom podfic I've listened to. :)

Both mp3 and m4b versions available now.

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2016-01-02 09:37 am


1. The ITPE 2015 masterlist has been posted. I made three MCR podfics for [personal profile] andeincascade (Frank/Gerard, crossdressing Mikey/Ray, gen tentacles), and [personal profile] ailis_fictive made three MCR podfics for me (Cryptophase, Enjoy the Silence, and Like two birds of a feather would be)!
2. I'm slowly editing a very long MCR podfic and wondering if posting it in installments would give me an incentive to work faster. Do people actually download incomplete podfics?
3. Editing Fanlore as always, or I would probably be a lot more prolific as a podficcer. Recently I started pages on bandflesh, helens78, and NPC. Someone else started a page on recent Hermione Granger wank that I hadn't heard about, so someone who knows something about it should go over and help out. Or I could lose another day googling it and writing up my findings.
4. But I have finally seen the new Star Wars movie and would rather check out that fandom.
5. I bookmarked a few Yuletide fics, but haven't read a single one yet.
6. Last year I finished reading maybe ten books that weren't fanfic (including comic books), but as always my new year's resolution is to read the books on my book shelves so I can finally get rid of them and be free of a few earthly possessions.
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2015-10-06 07:50 pm
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#ITPE 2015 dear podficcer letter!

Dear Podficcer,

ITPE, yay! This year I love only My Chemical Romance and Lindsey Way and crossovers with Fall Out Boy so Pete Wentz can have a crush on Mikey. Other things I love: all the MCR albums, Hesitant Alien, and "This Song Is About Being Chased By Monsters" by Leathermouth. I just got into Bandom in June. So far my favorite ships are Gerard/Frank, Frank/Mikey, Mikey/Pete Wentz, and Gerard/Lindsey. And Gerard and Mikey being BFFs. And Mikey/Ray is good too. I am also here for Lindsey Way being awesome and having any kind of happy ending she wants: femslash, canon het, gen adventures with MSI, whatever.

You can see what I've rec'd to date here and on pinboard. I'm currently compiling another MCR rec post.

Things in fic I like include happy endings, humor, AUs, canon-compliant fic, gender nonconformity, fusions, secret tragic unnecessary mutual pining, anything IN SPACE or with ROBOTS. (Tragically pining gender nonconforming robots in space??) Things I don't like include major character death, hockey, cheating, and other unhappy endings. I also tend not to go for PWPs in podfics, but they don't squick me.

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2014-11-15 08:52 pm

Pod Aware 2014: day 4 (Thursday)

My Thursday entry in [community profile] pod_aware, originally posted to Tumblr.
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2014-11-11 12:03 am

ridiculous sleep deprived entry for Pod Aware 2014 Day 1!!

Podfic has a long and varied history, check out pod_aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr to hear some personal accounts of podfic history.

ETA 2017: alternate download link
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2014-10-07 07:54 pm
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#ITPE dear podficcer letter 2014!!

Dear Podficcer,

ITPE, yay! This year I love only One Direction and Nick Grimshaw/Radio 1. Sorry about that. HOWEVER, although I haven't read fic for all ships yet, I haven't read any slash ship I didn't like, so take your pick. So far my favorites are Harry/Niall, Liam/Louis, Liam/Zayn, Nick/Harry, and Nick/Louis. Harry/Louis, Harry/Zayn, and Harry/Liam are good too. I'd probably like anything Niall-centric, too. And Nick and friends. And ships with other people outside 1D could work. I also think I would like more intersections with Perrie and Little Mix (I haven't looked into that fandom beyond seeing the sadly low numbers on AO3).

You can see what I've recced to date here and on pinboard.

Things in fic I like include happy endings, humor, AUs, canon-compliant fic, always-a-girl femslash, crossovers, fusions, secret tragic unnecessary mutual pining, anything IN SPACE. Things I don't like include major character death, hockey, cheating, and other unhappy endings. I also tend not to go for PWPs in podfics, but they don't squick me.

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2014-01-01 03:44 pm

end of the year roundup: podfic

podfics made in 2013, in order of posting:

The First Rule of Online Dating by Chash. 11:18 minutes (TW; Stiles/Danny)
That Good Night by Dira Sudis. 2:57:32 minutes (dS; Fraser/Kowalski)
Dream a Little Bigger (Darling) by Dira Sudis. 11:12 minutes (TW; Derek/Stiles)
After All by Dira Sudis. 17:37 minutes (Teen Wolf gen)
manic pixie dream Derek by HalfFizzbin. 7:15 minutes (TW; Derek/Stiles)
with the lights out, it's less dangerous by victoria_p. 22:22 minutes (Avengers; Steve/Bucky)
Only Fools Rush In by victoria_p. 10 minutes (Avengers; Steve/Bucky)
this might be a problem & build a better box by verity. 12:05 & 42:49 minutes (TW RPF; O'Brien/Hoechlin)
A Slippery Slope by mistresscurvy. 9:40 minutes (TW RPF; Posey/Reed)
feet (ain't) on the floor by hito. 20:41 minutes (TW RPF; O'Brien/Hoechlin)

subtotals: 11 podfics; 4 fandoms; 7 authors; 343 minutes or 5 hours 43 minutes

podfic collaborations:

Lumberjack!Derek Notfic by gyzym. 7:33 minutes (TW; Derek/Stiles)
A Very Happy Hitchhiker’s Christmas by abstractconcept. 26 minutes (Arthur Dent/Ford Prefect)

total: 13 podfics; 5 fandoms; 9 authors; 6 hours 17 minutes

conclusions: more podfics finished than 2012 (3), fewer total minutes (7 hours 3 minutes)

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2013-11-10 12:32 pm

another day, another nablopomo post

Yesterday, I posted a podfic of an excellent Steve/Bucky fic by [personal profile] musesfool.

Today, I have ... somehow spent 5 hours online without getting anything done. Logging off now!
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2013-11-08 05:50 pm

podfic cover art blues (or yellows)

Today I learned how to create a new pattern in Photoshop in the pursuit of making cover art text look more interesting than solid yellow-orange could provide. I've been using photoshop (badly) since college and never noticed that I could put a pattern overlay on text.

On the design front, I was a bit at a loss for how to represent a story where every scene takes place in bed, but the only canon screen time the characters shared was when they were fully clothed (and standing up). I am not good enough even for scary porn photomanips, so I went with fully clothed intimate lighting.

I look at other people's cover art for inspiration (and an opportunity to seethe with jealousy), and I think the solution for most design issues is to select fanfic with short titles and author pseuds. I think that's the secret to good podfic cover art. Meanwhile, I'm stuck trying to fit an image around life without Fraser or how Ray learned to stop worrying and love the moose. Very rarely do I say, gosh, I wish I had more text to fill up all that empty space.

Now I am weeping over an elegant series of covers with a ton of text. Well played, fire_juggler.

P.S. Firefox thought "photomanips" should be spelled "nymphomaniacs."
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2013-10-09 10:11 pm

#ITPE dear podficcer letter

Dear Podficcer,

Hey, so I probably made your life difficult by picking a bunch of small fandoms and a rarepair in Teen Wolf even though I also ship Sterek. But you can still do Sterek! Oh, and I was into Stisaac for a half a second, but then forgot. When I read TW RPF, I was reading Dylan O'Brien/Tyler Hoechlin, but I could be sold on any combination of actors.

Although I read almost exclusively slash, I also really enjoy gen podfics. Or het in Discworld. I just reread Guards! Guards! and decided that I needed more Sam/Sybil. Things I like in any medium include happy endings, humor, and AUs. Things I really like in podfic are things I didn't know you could do with podfic until somebody does them. But the main thing I like is being read to.

Things I avoid in fic include major character death*, cheating, and other miserable endings. In podfic I also tend not to go for PWPs, but they don't squick me.

I saved some recs on my pinboard account, though often I find fic because the podfic was posted to Amplificathon. :/



*If they're still dead at the end of the story.**
**I also like footnotes.
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2013-06-24 06:47 pm


I created a Fanlore article for The ETA from You to Me since the author posted a note that it would be deleted soon and my impression was this story got recced a lot last year.

In other news, I now have two unfinished podfics instead of one. The second one is much shorter and almost done, but I need to rerecord just this one line, and my roommate is home and it's thundering outside....