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Yesterday, I posted a podfic of an excellent Steve/Bucky fic by [personal profile] musesfool.

Today, I have ... somehow spent 5 hours online without getting anything done. Logging off now!
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I just signed up for Pacificon, aka Bitchin Party, so I've committed myself to flying in an airplane, something I haven't done since 2004.

Am I the only person left who doesn't have a PayPal account?

Also, is there something wrong with JetBlue? It costs $100 less than Delta.
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Today I learned how to create a new pattern in Photoshop in the pursuit of making cover art text look more interesting than solid yellow-orange could provide. I've been using photoshop (badly) since college and never noticed that I could put a pattern overlay on text.

On the design front, I was a bit at a loss for how to represent a story where every scene takes place in bed, but the only canon screen time the characters shared was when they were fully clothed (and standing up). I am not good enough even for scary porn photomanips, so I went with fully clothed intimate lighting.

I look at other people's cover art for inspiration (and an opportunity to seethe with jealousy), and I think the solution for most design issues is to select fanfic with short titles and author pseuds. I think that's the secret to good podfic cover art. Meanwhile, I'm stuck trying to fit an image around life without Fraser or how Ray learned to stop worrying and love the moose. Very rarely do I say, gosh, I wish I had more text to fill up all that empty space.

Now I am weeping over an elegant series of covers with a ton of text. Well played, fire_juggler.

P.S. Firefox thought "photomanips" should be spelled "nymphomaniacs."

no no nano

Nov. 6th, 2013 11:33 pm
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Spent all my energy on reading Twitter and Dreamwidth and watching half a zombie movie and trying to read a 30K Avengers AU and then remembering I needed to meet my daily [community profile] remopodmo goal and then listening to a podfic while scrolling through my Tumblr dash. Not much left for blog posting.
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is all I have to say about the 5th of November. Have a poll instead.

Poll #14498 stuffed animals
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How old were you the last time you slept with a stuffed animal?

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1 (11.1%)

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Was going to post about my boring day, but got distracted by a Stiles/Isaac fic. Earlier today I did some podfic editing as part of [community profile] remopodmo.
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Trying to think of something to write about other than my obsession with Fanlore, I hit upon AO3 tag wrangling. \o/

It's rather addictive as a solitary activity:

...Click click, I wonder how many users use tags containing the phrase Werewolf Darren, click, hm, not enough to make a canonical yet, click click...

I think I like wrangling the actor RPF fandoms best. If you don't know who all the characters are, you can look them up on IMDB. If they're too obscure even for IMDB, Tumblr will know. Tumblr will know what they look like, whom Tumblr wants them to be dating, and what the pairing smush name is. Still though, it can be difficult to sort out which additional tags actually apply to your fandom if you don't know what's actually happening in the fandom.

The size of the fandom has a major impact on wrangling experience. A few months ago I started wrangling Glee, and I am now looking at 1100 unwrangled additional tags, not including the ones marked unwranglable. The number is down to 1100 because I wrangled a couple just now.

But unwrangled additional tags are not a major problem. What makes me weep and tear my hair out are ambiguous tags containing the words "Irene Adler" or "John."
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Day 2, also known as 13 hours later... Amazingly, there isn't much news to report. I've been up for nearly four hours, but am still in pajamas. I was going to edit a Steve/Bucky podfic, but read Twitter and clicked on YouTube videos and checked RecentChanges on Fanlore instead. I discovered an LJ community for people to write anything for 10 minutes per day in November instead of producing 50K words, but the signup deadline was October 31. At some point, I was going to drive to my parents' house, but I haven't actually told them this plan yet. Too many buts in this paragraph.

I'm listening to the Glee versions of Teenage Dream, Somewhere Only We Know, and Baby, It's Cold Outside. These Glee covers are amazing; some others are not. I stopped trying to catch up on Glee several months ago. Maybe I'll try again. I left off somewhere in the middle of season three.

Spreading the word: The Wiki Committee is recruiting! When I left the committee, I may have said I would "take a year off", but now I'm really enjoying my smaller inbox, and I have so many fun wiki pages to write. (I'd say my inbox was wank-free, but I'm still a tag wrangler.) So, not for me this round.


Nov. 1st, 2013 09:40 pm
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Oh, hey, November 1 means NaNoWriMo again. Or, in my case, NaBloPoMo. Or not, really, since I've mainly been posting a constant stream of Fanlore article ideas and Teen Wolf episode reactions to Twitter.

I now have six podfics in various states from half-recorded to half-edited.


I just threw all my Stilinski twins google results at a new Fanlore page instead of actually posting this blog post on November 1.
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I am overdue for a nap, but I made a brief podcast today for pod_aware.

Pod aware day 5 by aethel

DW posts I mention in the podcast:

Pod Aware Day 5 blurb:

"Fan artists love feedback and podficcers are no different. Feedback can motivate us, inspire our muse and help us create more of out art. However feedback on podfic can be rather light. To find out how you can help increase feedback for podfic check out [community profile] pod_aware on LJ or DW."
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Nevermind that I didn't do day 1 or 3. Here's today's theme:

Every podficcer has an accent; sometimes that accent matches that of the canon character, sometimes it doesn't. Every accent is special and brings something to the podfic, it represents the podficcer and reminds us just how diverse fandom can be. Come celebrate accents and learn more about them in podfic at [community profile] pod_aware on LJ or DW.

and my podcast:

Pod aware day 4 by aethel

podfic I mention in the podcast:

Drop Dead Gorgeous by maya, read by mcollinknight
Old Country by astolat, read by fayjay
Mutual Interest by olivia lupin, read by rhi cauldrie
The Perils of Urban Warfare by phantomjam, read by cath
Care and Feeding by copperbadge, alas, read by me.
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I just saw pennyplainknits' podcast for Pod Aware today and wanted to try out this "SoundCloud" thing (and Pod Aware). Nifty! Here is a recording of me reading aloud a section from the Podfic page on Fanlore:

Podfic on fanlore by aethel

Pod Aware participants are supposed to include today's Pod Aware blurb, so here we go:

Blanket permission is a way for fan artists to let other fans know their comfort with others playing with their works. It's particularly helpful to podficcers when authors give blanket permission for anyone to podfic their works without having to ask first. To find out more on blanket permission with regards to podfic check out [community profile] pod_aware on LJ or DW.

ETA: Fanlore's list of fic authors who have given blanken permission to podfic.
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And now, the news from Delicious: I have over a hundred bookmarks tagged "new", none of which I've recced since I got a delicious account and changed fandoms a few times. Herein I try to remember why I saved them:

Deriving the Prime by Rageprufrock. The only House fic I've ever read, and it's a graphic threesome. I probably didn't rec this before because it's very NC-17, but like all good threesome stories, it's got interesting character dynamics.

HP fanart: Which one, sir?. Sirius and Remus.

The Pegasus Tinies: A Dreadful Abecedarium, with Selected Illustrations. argosy and kiden. SGA fanart.
The Angriest John in the World. Speranza. fanart. I might have mentioned this one before.
The Prince of Atlantis by prudentia. Written By The Victors fanart done in the style of a stained-glass window.
The Physics of Flying by steammmpunk. Wings and excellent highlights!
Downtime by crysothemis. John/Rodney watercolor.
You Only Ever Lose One by Thigh Holster. The John/Rodney sock AU.

due South. Mostly Fraser/Kowalski

Mixing by Slidellra. The archivist from "The Ladies' Man" puts in an appearance (something she should do more often).
Sliding by Sage. Post-COTW tentfic.
The Box by Salieri. Short and excellent.

Real Worlds by Salieri, with accompanying Space!Mountie recruitment posters. A sequel to Real Boys, the Blade Runner/cyberpunk AU. So, I have linked to Real Boys before, but I neglected to mention that a) it is awesome and b) it provides a satisfactory answer to the question my father asked when he and I were discussing Fraser's characterization in the series. My father said that the way Fraser was introduced in the pilot suggests that he had simply popped into existence the moment his father was murdered. Why, he asked, did Fraser move into his father's cabin? Did he not have a place to live already? "He is inscrutable" was my father's conclusion. (Meanwhile, my aunt thought that Fraser was not so much inscrutable as wooden and boring and that Paul Gross's performance was uninspiring. She thinks this about every Paul Gross role that is not Geoffrey Tennant.)
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When I tried to use Livejournal yesterday and found that the entire site was down, I realized, yet again, how much I depend on LJ to entertain me. Where would I find fic recs? Where could I read about the antics of my flist's cats? Where could I complain about LJ being down?? There was only one thing for it: reading [ profile] helenish's old popslash. Specifically, The Same Inside. Oddly enough, the story was recommended in Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet. And by "recommended," I mean "quoted this sentence, which speaks for itself":
Somehow, in the night, Chris had turned into a girl.

And I also got a GreatestJournal account as backup in case LJ betrays me again.


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