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Helpmate by subterrain, posted in 2008. Always-a-boy-Pepper/Tony AU. Pepper is basically an original character with the same name, although I don't know enough about Iron Man comics canon to be sure.

A few months ago I was reading every Tony/Pepper Iron Man fic I could get my hands on (don't judge!) and came across this story, but was put off by the author's note about "that Paltrow woman". Then I remembered that a) I didn't like Gwyneth Paltrow either and b) as the writer points out in another post, Pepper Potts' characterization in the movie is problematic. It's easy to forget because EVERYTHING about the movie is problematic, from Tony's misogynistic smugness and the way the female reporter was presented to the non-white dude who conveniently sacrifices his own life for Tony.* And RDJ is just so awesome that we're supposed to forgive his character's objectively awful personality. Not that I don't love the movie!**

*Not problematic, but a continuity problem: The movie supposedly takes place in the present, so Tony's father must have had him awfully late in life to have been doing nuclear research in the 1940s! How old is Tony supposed to be? If he were a teenager in the 80s (as pictured with Bill Gates), he would have been born in the late 60s or early 70s. I'm forced to picture Tony as the product of a Hugh Hefner type and a supermodel.

**I hope to see Iron Man II in the near future.
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Today I saw Star Trek again and made myself a gin and tonic. Both were as awesome as I remembered. The movie's plot holes and bad science were still evident, but somehow they still didn't matter. minor spoilers )

In some ways, it seemed the whole movie was set up to say, "We're starting over, and this time we're going to do it RIGHT!" I wonder if that is the reason that people are so excited about the fandom now, that there's this sense that we've finally seen the Star Trek that exists in our imaginations.

Or maybe that's just the gin talking.


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