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uh, so, I started writing a con report and then didn't finish, so I never posted it. here's what I wrote:

SO. In late March, a little slash convention in Boston called Muskrat Jamboree happened. It was fantastic; it was my best MJ yet; it was the last MJ. A few days after the convention was over, ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION. So I lost all will to finish writing my con report. It was probably divine retribution for not understanding what the big deal was when My Chemical Romance broke up during the dance at MJ 2013. (In my defense, MCR was a 2000s fandom in my mind, and I didn't realize it was still as active an RPF fandom as it was. But yeah, I didn't understand how music RPF worked. Now I do.) BEFORE the convention, just as a warmup it turned out, Zayn took a break from the tour and then during the con Louis announced, by the way, he had broken up with his long-time girlfriend two weeks ago (we're thinking, to take the heat off Zayn?). So there was some nervousness in the 1D contingent at MJ and some cries of "MJ is cursed!!" but I for one was trying to remain optimistic and enjoy the con.

Also I spent more time hanging out with Teen Wolf fans, and they had their own fandom problems to worry about--bleep0bleep was telling us how there was someone in Italy (Milan?) trolling tumblr users with abusive asks claiming to support a different ship (whichever ship) in order to stir up a ship war between popular ships and rare ships so massive that the fandom would eat itself. Apparently during the con weekend, the troll succeeded, but since I'm not in the fandom anymore, I haven't heard whether it blew over or not. I think I would have heard if the fandom ate itself (but let me know!).

For once, I allowed myself to stay at the hotel instead of commuting to the con. I had three fantastic roommates, only one of which I knew already: ifreet, bleep0bleep, and elaineofshalott. After three nights in a hotel room and three days talking excitedly with other excited fangirls, I felt like a space alien. Though until ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION, I felt strangely refreshed and upbeat.

Bits and pieces of the con I remember:

We had a 1D flash panel so well attended I still don't understand why we didn't get a regular panel:
-shared how we got into the fandom; the best was the person who overheard her wife talking about 1D at their wedding.
-everyone except me said who their "fave" was (I think it was understood Harry is my favorite); we had representatives for every 1D member, and I think one person who claimed to love them all equally (or maybe she was just into OT5?)
-everyone had convincing reasons for liking each and every 1D member, and I felt like I had erred in not paying enough attention to non-Harry people.
-one person commented on how some fans claimed to only like their fave and NOT the other members of the band, and also how strange this was and how unpleasant/unsatisfying their fandom experience must be. [I had noticed this on the 1D anonmeme on LJ, but I was really hoping these were trolls and not people who genuinely loved one member and hated the rest. since the whole point of the fandom in my opinion is that they're a litter of codependent puppies, I really don't understand this attitude. no one else at the panel seemed to, either.]
-someone misremembering the title of emotional knapsack as "invisible backpack"
-several people had hair dyed amazing colors I don't think I could get away with at work :(
-psycholinguistic(?) described going to a 1D concert and screaming every time Niall "did a thing", to the point where the man seated in front of her covered his ears in anticipation every time Niall did a thing.
-all the ships are the realest
-each ship has a unique dynamic, and is the realest
-larry tinhats suck tho
-a former Larry shipper remarked on how in early 2012 Larry being real was more plausible because we didn't know about Eleanor; the point where Louis/Eleanor was officially announced (when was this, by the way?) was when Larry shipping went off the rails. This was interesting for me because not only was Larry tinhatting an established thing when I entered the fandom, but it was also the first thing I ever heard about the fandom long before I got sucked in. Maybe I would have gotten sucked in sooner if I hadn't known what lay in wait.

Nick Grimshaw flash panel, THREE HOURS LONG:
-Nick's "my friend" technique (my friend = Harry)
-why quiche is such a big deal
-Zane Lowe loves him
-Everyone loves him, really
-some people described meeting or seeing Nick in person "in his natural habitat"; their descriptions of their own reactions to this experience are why I never want to meet celebrities, but we were all entertained.
-better looking in person, also very nice and good at putting people at ease?
-Nick has always been here, but we didn't recognize him--he made Gerard Way blush in an interview once
-we love Nick partly because we can relate--no interest in sports (no hockey fans present?)
-I left for another panel, then came back and listened to the discussion while putting glitter and crowns on photographs (very important)
-Nick is the greatest
-speculation that Nick gets it from his mother

Saturday after panels:
-delicious dinner at Asgaard with bleep0bleep, her fandom friend who didn't go to the con, and inkjunket
-spotted the con comm also dining there
-vid party in someone's room (three hours of vids, and a chat with a slightly younger person who loved Xena as an indiscriminate child and not as a person old enough to see that it was ridiculous. Every time I have a conversation with someone 5-10 years younger than me about media we both experienced, I am surprised in this way. Xena in particular I liked for its campy badness. Admittedly, I had no desire to watch it until after it went off the air because it looked so bad. But the fact that younger people didn't even notice that aspect blew my mind.)
-lamentations on twitter about MJ being cursed because Louis broke up with Eleanor
-slumber party in our hotel room until 2 am basically, chatting about this and that: ifreet described the weirdness of a Sherlockian "media" con, where most members were 70-year-old men
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Muskrat Jamboree 2013: In summary, it was fun.

I took my own advice and skipped one panel each day to sit in the con suite and put glitter on things. It was very relaxing, and other fangirls were there, making glittery things that were better than mine.

Because I am a cheapskate, I did not take my own advice about booking a hotel room so I could participate in room parties, and my decision resulted in my being a total zombie on Saturday, since I had to drive home at midnight and then come back for a 9 am panel. Super fun! But I did go to two room parties anyway: On Saturday I joined the Supernatural viewing party (yes, I'm not in Supernatural fandom, so what), but left after one episode so I could get home without collapsing in an empty Alewife garage at midnight. On Friday klb hosted a podficcer gathering where we recorded four(?) group podfics on the spot. It was amazing! I participated in two; it was my first time doing a live multi-voice session and my first time doing a cold reading. Inkjunket expressed amazement that people were able to mostly read straight through without having to re-do every line. If I had been recording alone, I know I would have re-recorded everything, so I'm interested to hear how the finished product sounds. After the recording session I went out to dinner with Inkjunket, a lovely person I had never talked to before.

Panels I attended:

- slash pictionary
- Avengers movie squee
- fannish challenges, fests, etc.
- fourth wall
- Knotting

- Tumblr
- Teen Wolf fanon
- Fall Out Boy
- Fandom Osmosis
- Robots
- Due South

Friday I paid the exorbitant hotel parking fee so I could stay for the vid show and dance party and not worry about creepy Mass Ave + subways at midnight. Dance party was fun, though right before the end I noticed some fangirls weeping and hugging in a corner because My Chemical Romance had broken up. Initially I thought that SOMEONE HAD DIED. I needed to remind myself about that time I lay awake for an entire night being angry after I saw "Seeing Red."

The Panels
what was discussed )
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Vague ideas for Fanlore pages:

1. something to list all convention scams and financial disasters. See the fandom wank entry on the latest Brony fiasco.
2. Digital art
3. ALL the Derek/Stiles fic pages

A Fanlore page I actually created:

1. Lost Zebra Day

My plans for the weekend
1. MUSKRAT JAMBOREE! I am excited, but also nervous about parking and walking alone in the city at night. Not to mention 150 excited fangirls in one room. I need a nap just thinking about it.
2. Edit my latest podfic of doom. It's "only" 30,000 words, so it should be a snap to edit, right? I started in January and will probably miss Amplificathon AGAIN because I can't start a new podfic until I've finished the current one. Also, I've decided I desperately need a pop-filter, but I haven't ordered one yet.
3. All the Fanlore editing. All of it.
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1. Took break from trying to install Ubuntu; think I will burn a new install CD with better version.
2. Also, I forgot Loki had a 64-bit processor.
3. Am deeply suspicious about the health of my netbook, Thorhalla.
4. Will probably try editing this podfic on it anyway.
5. Muskrat Jamboree call for panel suggestions. I want to suggest something for podfic, but then I would have to moderate it? Maybe someone else will suggest something more specific than podfic = awesome.
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Right, so a week ago I attended Muskrat Jamboree, a biennial slash convention held in Boston. The con ran for two days, Friday and Saturday. It was my seventh fan convention, fourth fan-run convention, second media fandom convention, and first slash convention! At least, I think it was my seventh; those Creation cons all sort of blur together. (I was a baby fan, and I really liked Star Trek: The Next Generation--MORE THAN I'D EVER LIKED ANYTHING EVER BEFORE OR EVER WOULD AGAIN. Ah, young love.) MJ was excellent and very different from any of the (few) cons I'd been to before--for starters, only 150 people were there. Mostly fangirls, and in fact, I only noticed one lone fanboy. The programming consisted of (very enthusiastic) panel discussions. I tried to go to all the panels, which I think I will not do next time: I was worn out by Saturday afternoon. But yes, I shall go again if I can.

I took notes during the discussions because that's just how I am, but I'm looking at my notes now and they're not terribly illuminating. Observe:
canon discussion
were-swans, were-seahorses

Mysterious, yet intriguing. more con report )


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