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Yeay, verily I say unto you that this journal shall be devoted to recs and fannish things. Perchance it will be abandoned before the season is out, yet what the future brings I cannot say.

Firstly, be it known that fanart is awesome. I care not if it be gen, het, or slash, for I love with equal fervor the vibrant colors of HP oil paintings and the photoshopped magnificence of Arthur/Merlin. Thus, I give unto you examples new and old from an assortment of fandoms:

On His Majesty's Secret Service by [ profile] lizardspots. Merlin & Arthur AU.
Merlin/Arthur Modern AU by [ profile] trolleys
One and Of the Earth by [personal profile] newkidfan. Merlin & Arthur manips and icons.
Gwen/Morgana art by [ profile] pentapus (and Temeraire art and due South art)

Harry Potter
a Remus/Sirius painting and another Remus/Sirius painting by [ profile] celestialsoda
an oldie but goodie by [ profile] sherant. Harry and Draco sleeping.
everything here by lara hill.

The Electric Things Have Their Life Too by [personal profile] steammmpunk. Sheppard/McKay cyberpunk AU.
Grabby Hands by [personal profile] steammmpunk. Ronon.
Kate in the Style of Alphonse Mucha by [ profile] leyna55.
Fairy Tales by [personal profile] anna_luna. illustrated McKay/Sheppard AU fanfic.
Witchelm and Drowned Valley by [personal profile] zoetrope. Team manips.


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