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Well, I'm importing my LJ to DW right now since there are rumors going around that an LJ script is improperly flagging legit LJ accounts as spam and DELETING THEM. This report originates in a fandom many degrees removed from me, so I don't know who has actually been affected by this.
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I have been creating more Fanlore entries for Bandom communities and started a timeline for podfic communities. I tried and failed to connect to my virtual machine Archive Team Warrior thing. I installed virtualbox = no. I installed VMware = no. I left a message on the ArchiveTeam's IRC channel about LiveJournal.

To be honest, I don't think old bandom communities people have forgotten exist are in the greatest danger here. Lots of bandom people already deleted their personal journals and photobucket accounts years ago, leaving devastation in their wake as I look through old picspams and reclists.

supernaturalfic, however, is definitely being deleted after being imported to Dreamwidth. (Fanlore page here.)

Meanwhile, I'm wondering when not!fic first appeared and what the definition of chatfic is. The Yuri on Ice!!! page says it's "fanfiction written in the style of a group chat"

ETA: copperbadge update on what he's deleting and where it's backed up
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You may have heard LJ's TOS has changed and people are worried and some people are deleting their livejournal accounts. This is distressing to me as a Fanlore editor and fic reader, and I hope no one is planning to start deleting whole communities without advanced warning (?!!?). In the meantime, I've been looking through my old bookmarks and downloaded ljarchive, which lets you get a local copy of your own lj OR (supposedly) any community you are a member of. But it already choked on geeheartmikey, so I don't know how reliable it is. ArchiveTeam has LiveJournal on their to-do list for automatically backing up to the Internet Archive, but 1) I'm not sure they've started yet? 2) It's the Internet Archive, so no journals excluded from search results or marked as 18+ can be archived. (So, you know, no kinkmemes, assuming the Wayback Machine was able to read all the comments in the first place.) On twitter I think I saw anatsuno talking with some people about starting an informal kinkmeme preservation project? Any other preservation projects on people's radars? I notified Fanlore that they have 42K links to livejournal posts that might or might not be on the Wayback Machine, so they're working on that.... AO3 hasn't posted about it, but I swear to you that someone out there really loved that ficlet you posted ten years ago, so consider uploading it to AO3.

Meanwhile, I'll be checking out ArchiveTeam's Warrior software and writing up Fanlore entries on Bandom communities.

eta: I cannot make the warrior virtual machine do the thing. will not connect to the website.

eta2: so far ljarchive has choked on everything except amplificathon, which is already backed up to dw anyway. it keeps giving me errors like this:

System.Xml.XmlException: There are multiple root elements. Line 2, position 2.
at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)
at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent()
at EF.ljArchive.Engine.Sync.ExportCommentsMeta(OptionsRow or, ILJServer iLJ, SessionGenerateResponse sgr, Int32& serverMaxID, Int32 localMaxID, UserMapCollection umc, CommentCollection cc)
at EF.ljArchive.Engine.Sync.ThreadStart()
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Check out the age distribution on lj stats: a nice bell curve with the exception of a huge number of 30-year-olds. Is this a bug, or do underage kids always set their birthdate as January 1, 1980?

This post brought to you by some news that LJ has discontinued its user advisory board.
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RaceFail 09, aka The Great Cultural Appropriation Debate of DOOM 2009, is still going strong, but has now morphed into posting the real life names of livejournal users. I would have allowed for the charitable interpretation--disconnect between blogging and livejournal community norms--except, no. Plus, the aforementioned bloggers are now apparently redirecting the URLs of their controversial posts, that everyone is linking to, to malware-infested third-party sites? These are grown-ups?? What?

ETA: And I swear I was reading one of the offending and offensive bloggers' livejournals ([ profile] willshetterly) not an hour ago, but now it has been deleted.


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