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2017-09-04 10:02 pm
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fanlore log

fandom pages created: Mest, Simple Plan, Linkin Park

LJ community pages created: slashypunkboys, music_fic

fanfic pages created: Skin of the Canvas (then I finally read it! It is excellent!)

other:, Pony Music Video
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2017-08-25 06:56 pm
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fandom life

This month I've been posting Bandom recs at [community profile] fanart_recs! Someone who is/was on the Panic side of things should claim Bandom in a different month, because I have 0 recs for them.

I just counted so I can't claim that I've posted there more than I've posted here all year, but I've been on dreamwidth a lot more than usual this month.

So far this year I've been at two in-person gatherings with podficcers where we recorded group podfics in a variety of fandoms I now desperately want to get into but don't have time for (the one in February has its own collection); my AO3 works list makes me look super productive, but really I just said a few lines and didn't have to edit anything. I'm still trying to motivate myself to edit a podfic thing I recorded from last May to this March. This weekend for sure.

After my last Fanlore editing post I did start a page for THROAM, the most popular Panic! fic I'd never heard of. I got temporarily burnt out reading damnyouwentz posts in a way that never happened slogging through 12K chemicalromance posts written by teenagers, but now I miss my dumb READ ALL THE POSTS projects.

And at some point I have RL tasks to do.
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2017-08-14 04:30 pm

end in sight for editing project

I might actually be running out of things to add to Bandom history on Fanlore! This is a relief! Where not!fic flourished is still a mystery to me--I have skimmed through bandslashmania, damnyouwentz, wolfshirts, and weemo_closet, and none of them talk about it. There are a few not!fics from 2007 and 2008, but maybe it didn't get really popular until later?

Recently created pages: The Dove Keeper, A Splitting of the Mind, we_are_cities, Wednesday-verse, toeveryletter, The Umbrella Academy

Currently on my to-do list: The Heart Rate of a Mouse; check rareslashpairs, slashypunkboys, mychemicalslash for trends; other popular fics not accounted for? I'm Not Okay AUs?

Since I'm not a PATD fan, this timeline is probably skewed in favor of MCR fandom.
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2017-07-17 07:11 pm
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two things

Robots.txt meant for search engines don’t work well for web archives at Internet Archive

I was fiddling with the RPF pages on Fanlore, and it occurred to me that certain science fiction fandom practices might also have had an influence on Star Trek RPF, since Star Trek fandom was so indebted to sf fandom. SF fandom had faanfiction, where fans wrote stories about each other (I've never read one, so I don't know what these stories read like). Some pro authors did this too. Recently, I read a short story collection by Philip K. Dick that included a story about Poul Anderson getting kidnapped from a convention by people from the future. On the other hand, these practices may have more in common with self-insertion fic than RPF. I have no data to back this up beyond the plot of Visit to a Weird Planet. Has anyone ever written about this?
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2017-07-05 06:02 pm
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misc updates

Photobucket stopped allowing hotlinking, breaking 15 years worth of images on webpages. I never used photobucket so it took a while before it dawned on me that old bandom picspams and concert reviews might now be gone :__(. Over on twitter some podficcers were discussing image hosting alternatives, and dropbox was suggested; I tried it and it works pretty well! You have to change the provided link from to

Still slowly backreading LJ comms to flesh out the bandom fanlore pages. I'm reading through wolfshirts and hope to get back to weemo_closet soon so I can close out the ten million tabs I've had open so long I have trouble remembering what I was going to do with them.

I'm amused that people have been wondering why there aren't more Black Parade AUs for ten years.
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2017-05-28 10:53 am
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transcribing some notes I took while reading Textual Poachers

... in 2002

Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture - Henry Jenkins

p18: Fans as rebels; reject bourgeois and elitist theories on "good taste" -- on the separation between canonical literature and mass media; anti-institutional, anti-authoritarian

"Fans seemingly blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, speaking of characters as if they had an existence apart from their textual manifestations..."

Fans are deliberately cast as deluded, crazy, and maladjusted so that their radical interpretations of the aesthetic/literary value of TV and other forms of "low" art can be dismissed

pp21-22: Fans internalize criticism; have difficulty justifying their enjoyment of something considered artistically worthless

p24: "[fans] are also acutely and painfully aware that those fictions do not belong to them and that someone else has the power to do things to those characters that are in direct contradiction to the fans' own cultural interests"

academy, canon, authorial intent --> the "correct" method of reading

p48: "the largely female composition of media fandom reflects a historical split within the science fiction fan community between the traditionally male-dominated literary fans and the newer, more feminine style of media fandom."

media fandom began with Star Trek

examines how texts are inevitably reinterpreted by readers; authors view this as disintegration, but the process makes the world of the text take on an independent reality

p60: academic practices of analyzing literature and TV --> objectivity, distance, detachment
popular viewing practices --> identification, emotional involvement
p61: "bourgeois" analytical theory = masculine
popular = feminine

p116: "Fan criticism is the institutionalization of feminine reading practices just as the dominant mode of academic criticism is the institutionalization of masculine reading practices"
-socially, not biologically determined; women's stories are devalued, so they learn to find their stories in the periphery of masculine narratives

p189 "Slash fiction represents a reaction against the construction of male sexuality on television and in pornography"

p190 "Slash breaks as well with the commodification of pornography, offering erotic images that originate in a social context of intimacy and sharing"

p191: considers only male/male slash --> first and more prevalent, although written by and for women 90%

p194: "In slash, both characters can be equally strong and equally vulnerable, equally dominant and equally submissivie, without either quality being permanently linked to their sexuality or their gender"

p205: slash is social commentary on popular constructions and restrictions on male sexuality; acts like Eve Sedgwick's Between Men, removing the barriers to same-sex desire and making explicit the idea of a continuum between friends and lovers

p214: slash explores and explodes "ways male sexuality gets bound to notions of competition, dominance, and violence"

fan fiction is a form of interpretation and analysis

p234: fan music videos
1. "memory palace, encapsulating a complex narrative within a smaller number of highly iconographic shots"
2. or they can function like essays or fan fic; take suggestive images out of context and edit them to make the subtext more obvious (an admitted relationship or denied one--i.e., Troi and Riker, or Data and Yar)
3. to tell a new story like fan fic

fandom = folk culture

qualities of fandom:
1. "particular mode of reception" - fans watch with undivided attention, are both emotionally invested in and critical of the show
2. interpretation and analysis methods: compare/contrast with real life, look at details for hidden meaning, extrapolate from subtext
3. lobbying the producers and networks for certain plot developments and to get cancelled shows back on the air
p278: "Fandom originates, at least in part, as a response to the relative powerlessness of the consumer in relation to powerful institutions of cultural production and circulation"
4. "cultural production": art, fan fic, music videos, filk
p279: "Once TV characters enter into a broader circulation, intrude into our living rooms, pervade the fabric of our society, they belong to their audience and not simply to the artist who originated them"
5. "alternative social community"
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2017-04-24 09:27 pm
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another poll

Poll #18270 chatfic
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

What does "chatfic" mean?

View Answers

chatlog (possibly cleaned up) of your brainstorming session with another fan
10 (71.4%)

fic consisting mainly of chat room dialogue between the characters
3 (21.4%)

something else
1 (7.1%)

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2017-04-15 11:34 am

since the LJ news....

I have been creating more Fanlore entries for Bandom communities and started a timeline for podfic communities. I tried and failed to connect to my virtual machine Archive Team Warrior thing. I installed virtualbox = no. I installed VMware = no. I left a message on the ArchiveTeam's IRC channel about LiveJournal.

To be honest, I don't think old bandom communities people have forgotten exist are in the greatest danger here. Lots of bandom people already deleted their personal journals and photobucket accounts years ago, leaving devastation in their wake as I look through old picspams and reclists.

supernaturalfic, however, is definitely being deleted after being imported to Dreamwidth. (Fanlore page here.)

Meanwhile, I'm wondering when not!fic first appeared and what the definition of chatfic is. The Yuri on Ice!!! page says it's "fanfiction written in the style of a group chat"

ETA: copperbadge update on what he's deleting and where it's backed up
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2017-04-05 06:09 pm

livejournal: back your shit up

You may have heard LJ's TOS has changed and people are worried and some people are deleting their livejournal accounts. This is distressing to me as a Fanlore editor and fic reader, and I hope no one is planning to start deleting whole communities without advanced warning (?!!?). In the meantime, I've been looking through my old bookmarks and downloaded ljarchive, which lets you get a local copy of your own lj OR (supposedly) any community you are a member of. But it already choked on geeheartmikey, so I don't know how reliable it is. ArchiveTeam has LiveJournal on their to-do list for automatically backing up to the Internet Archive, but 1) I'm not sure they've started yet? 2) It's the Internet Archive, so no journals excluded from search results or marked as 18+ can be archived. (So, you know, no kinkmemes, assuming the Wayback Machine was able to read all the comments in the first place.) On twitter I think I saw anatsuno talking with some people about starting an informal kinkmeme preservation project? Any other preservation projects on people's radars? I notified Fanlore that they have 42K links to livejournal posts that might or might not be on the Wayback Machine, so they're working on that.... AO3 hasn't posted about it, but I swear to you that someone out there really loved that ficlet you posted ten years ago, so consider uploading it to AO3.

Meanwhile, I'll be checking out ArchiveTeam's Warrior software and writing up Fanlore entries on Bandom communities.

eta: I cannot make the warrior virtual machine do the thing. will not connect to the website.

eta2: so far ljarchive has choked on everything except amplificathon, which is already backed up to dw anyway. it keeps giving me errors like this:

System.Xml.XmlException: There are multiple root elements. Line 2, position 2.
at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)
at System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent()
at EF.ljArchive.Engine.Sync.ExportCommentsMeta(OptionsRow or, ILJServer iLJ, SessionGenerateResponse sgr, Int32& serverMaxID, Int32 localMaxID, UserMapCollection umc, CommentCollection cc)
at EF.ljArchive.Engine.Sync.ThreadStart()
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2017-01-08 06:26 pm

2017 update

I continue to be way more active on twitter than here, though post-election I'm thinking Dreamwidth may be a better choice of venue if only more fans would use it. Since finishing bandom big bang I signed up for ITPE and went to Podfication in Minneapolis, where I hung out with fellow podficcers and had a great time. However, after talking to MPH about Fanlore, I came home inspired to write ten million new articles so I sort of forgot to write up a con report for Podfication. Before Podfication was also when I was binge-watching SPN because it was less scary than the real world, but I forgot about SPN too. I'm planning to get back to watching at some point, but the odds of me ever participating in the fandom are slim.

MCRchaeology, wherein I read through old Bandom communities on livejournal and write Fanlore articles about them, has been going well, if slowly. So far I've made pages for chemicalromance, geeheartmikey, mcr_het_fics, mychemicalslash, and yeahchemical. Last week's? Russian server scare made me even more anxious to READ ALL THE COMMS before somebody deleted them out of fear that Russia would actually care about your slash fic. There was already a 50/50 chance that picspams or meta posted to an individual journal were gone.

For ITPE I received a fantastic crossdressing historical AU Frank/Gerard podfic (3 hours!) from opalsong, who has a really nice, clear podficcing voice I don't think I'd heard before: A Lovely Apparition, written by wordslinging. RsCreighton also made me a delightful treat: By the Numbers, written by Shoemaster, wherein Frank is Gerard's accountant. Meanwhile, I recorded A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing by Bexless for duendeverde4. I'd brag about finishing a 3-hour podfic in less than a month, except rscreighton recorded 40+ hours for ITPE???
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2016-01-02 09:37 am


1. The ITPE 2015 masterlist has been posted. I made three MCR podfics for [personal profile] andeincascade (Frank/Gerard, crossdressing Mikey/Ray, gen tentacles), and [personal profile] ailis_fictive made three MCR podfics for me (Cryptophase, Enjoy the Silence, and Like two birds of a feather would be)!
2. I'm slowly editing a very long MCR podfic and wondering if posting it in installments would give me an incentive to work faster. Do people actually download incomplete podfics?
3. Editing Fanlore as always, or I would probably be a lot more prolific as a podficcer. Recently I started pages on bandflesh, helens78, and NPC. Someone else started a page on recent Hermione Granger wank that I hadn't heard about, so someone who knows something about it should go over and help out. Or I could lose another day googling it and writing up my findings.
4. But I have finally seen the new Star Wars movie and would rather check out that fandom.
5. I bookmarked a few Yuletide fics, but haven't read a single one yet.
6. Last year I finished reading maybe ten books that weren't fanfic (including comic books), but as always my new year's resolution is to read the books on my book shelves so I can finally get rid of them and be free of a few earthly possessions.
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2015-05-26 07:46 pm
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another half-baked poll prompted by a fanlore page I just read

Poll #16721 slashbash
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22

Are you familiar with the term "slashbash"?

View Answers

2 (9.1%)

yes, but I haven't heard it in a while
0 (0.0%)

20 (90.9%)

When did you discover fandom?

View Answers

before 2000
12 (57.1%)

8 (38.1%)

1 (4.8%)

2011 or later
0 (0.0%)

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2015-05-25 12:19 pm
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terminology question based on old meta I was reading on Fanlore

Poll #16716 Boy Band Slash
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

What group does the term "boy band slash" refer to?

View Answers

slash about NSYNC
2 (20.0%)

slash about the Backstreet Boys
3 (30.0%)

slash about New Kids On The Block
1 (10.0%)

slash about any boy band past or present
7 (70.0%)

slash about a different set of music groups I will list in comments
1 (10.0%)

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2015-01-31 05:57 pm
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sanity check

Poll #16424 ficdom definition
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 16

What does ficdom mean?

View Answers

fanfic fandom/part of fandom that does fanfic
5 (31.2%)

the sum of all fanfic produced in a fandom
0 (0.0%)

something else
2 (12.5%)

I never heard this term before
12 (75.0%)

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2013-11-02 01:44 pm

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo

Day 2, also known as 13 hours later... Amazingly, there isn't much news to report. I've been up for nearly four hours, but am still in pajamas. I was going to edit a Steve/Bucky podfic, but read Twitter and clicked on YouTube videos and checked RecentChanges on Fanlore instead. I discovered an LJ community for people to write anything for 10 minutes per day in November instead of producing 50K words, but the signup deadline was October 31. At some point, I was going to drive to my parents' house, but I haven't actually told them this plan yet. Too many buts in this paragraph.

I'm listening to the Glee versions of Teenage Dream, Somewhere Only We Know, and Baby, It's Cold Outside. These Glee covers are amazing; some others are not. I stopped trying to catch up on Glee several months ago. Maybe I'll try again. I left off somewhere in the middle of season three.

Spreading the word: The Wiki Committee is recruiting! When I left the committee, I may have said I would "take a year off", but now I'm really enjoying my smaller inbox, and I have so many fun wiki pages to write. (I'd say my inbox was wank-free, but I'm still a tag wrangler.) So, not for me this round.
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2013-11-01 09:40 pm


Oh, hey, November 1 means NaNoWriMo again. Or, in my case, NaBloPoMo. Or not, really, since I've mainly been posting a constant stream of Fanlore article ideas and Teen Wolf episode reactions to Twitter.

I now have six podfics in various states from half-recorded to half-edited.


I just threw all my Stilinski twins google results at a new Fanlore page instead of actually posting this blog post on November 1.
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2013-10-01 08:49 pm

screencap from AO3 early days?

AO3's front page is saved at the Internet Archive, but it's not rendering correctly for me, and I'd love to include a screencap on Fanlore to show what the AO3 looked like before open beta.
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2013-09-29 10:55 am


1. The Impact of Blogging on Fandom is an awesome Fanlore article that is mainly about what mailing list fans and LJ fans thought of LJ-type blogging as the new fannish platform. Especially interesting that some of the complaints against LiveJournal by mailing list fans are similar to the complaints against Tumblr by LiveJournal fans. Though at least one complaint is no longer valid--Tumblr posts seem to get Google-indexed almost instantaneously, so they're easier to search for, if not easier to navigate to.

2. Won't Do Me No Good Washing in the River, story by DevilDoll, podfic by Jinxy, art Rahciach. Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles. I haven't listened to the podfic yet because the text was so emotionally brutal that I didn't think I was ready to be assaulted by audio feels. This story is painful and eerie, but has an almost happy ending. It was also posted in March, so probably everyone else has read it already. (I read it two weeks ago.) I also like the artist's style, but lack the vocabulary to describe it.
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2013-08-25 10:57 am

(no subject)

I posted this to Tumblr already, and no one cared, but I am still curious about the fan artist's choice here:

(Left: cover of K/S zine Nome, art by The Southern Cross (1984). Right: Stars by Maxfield Parrish (1926).)
Did the fan artist use the painting because it looked cool and/or helped convey the mood she wanted, or did she expect the viewer to recognize the reference and think deep thoughts about what it means to cast Kirk in the role of the female nude of Western art?