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It's been interesting following all the discussions about Kindle Worlds. And by "all," I mean a few, because wow have people written a lot of words on this topic.

the Fanlore page, a work in progress
[personal profile] morgandawn's fan meta link roundup
[personal profile] ithiliana's fan meta link roundup
[personal profile] wneleh's news media link roundup

When I arrived at my parents' house for Memorial Day weekend, I described to them the Kindle Worlds press release, and my mother initially reacted the way some non-fan bloggers and news outlets reacted--wow, fanfic writers must love it! Yeah, no, said I, that's not how they reacted.
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reinstalling Ubuntu 12.04....

Meanwhile, read this excellent Derek/Stiles hookerfic: Don't Worry Baby by kalpurna. Somehow, I don't think this plot represents a realistic depiction of high-end prostitution, but realism would be depressing.
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I discovered this old text file just now. Very partial list of fic I was reading a decade ago, with date estimates. Ah, memories.*

(Note that I searched a few of these just now, but the links I found are not necessarily the original site I read the fic at.)

Lotrips )
HP )

*In college I believe it was "A Helping Hand" I read out loud with a fake British accent to a boy while in a mutual friend's dorm room. I think he appreciated my repetition of the word "cock."


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