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D: by Rageprufrock. a dish of cracktastic Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto humor fic. I haven't read any other Reboot RPS yet, so I don't know how the characterizations compare, but here the actors are all a reflection of their on-screen characters. For example, Zach is more emotional, but still basically a woobie.

VIDEO GOODNESS (all on youtube)
Answer Me by ImaginarySanity and CaptainQuirk. Reboot. Psychedelic remix vid with pretty colors and a Trekified techno theme.
Friends by tomfooltook28. a cute Reboot Kirk/McCoy friendship vid with excellent song choice.
The Nipple Pinch by ImaginarySanity. Meta in video form on the Kirk/Spock "nipple pinch" scene in classic Trek. Funny!
1995 Trek convention footage, featuring the "big three". DeForest Kelley was awesome!
When I'm 64 by T. Jonesy and Killa. Old-school Kirk/Spock vid.

Small Steps by anamatics. Kirk/Spock pre-slash. Alas, a WIP.
Lunch and Other Obscenities by Rheanna. Gaila and Uhura, cross-cultural misunderstandings. With excellent fanart.
You're Gonna Make It After All by igrockspock. Gaila genfic set during her first year at the Academy. More cross-cultural misunderstandings!
Communications series by screamlet. Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura, and shore leave hijinks.

Star Trek reboot: the soundtrack (or, why it didn't sound quite right) by kate. On how technical music things in the different Star Trek themes are used to create different moods. Apparently, the sound of space exploration is a fourth!
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Yeay, verily I say unto you that this journal shall be devoted to recs and fannish things. Perchance it will be abandoned before the season is out, yet what the future brings I cannot say.

Firstly, be it known that fanart is awesome. I care not if it be gen, het, or slash, for I love with equal fervor the vibrant colors of HP oil paintings and the photoshopped magnificence of Arthur/Merlin. Thus, I give unto you examples new and old from an assortment of fandoms:

On His Majesty's Secret Service by [ profile] lizardspots. Merlin & Arthur AU.
Merlin/Arthur Modern AU by [ profile] trolleys
One and Of the Earth by [personal profile] newkidfan. Merlin & Arthur manips and icons.
Gwen/Morgana art by [ profile] pentapus (and Temeraire art and due South art)

Harry Potter
a Remus/Sirius painting and another Remus/Sirius painting by [ profile] celestialsoda
an oldie but goodie by [ profile] sherant. Harry and Draco sleeping.
everything here by lara hill.

The Electric Things Have Their Life Too by [personal profile] steammmpunk. Sheppard/McKay cyberpunk AU.
Grabby Hands by [personal profile] steammmpunk. Ronon.
Kate in the Style of Alphonse Mucha by [ profile] leyna55.
Fairy Tales by [personal profile] anna_luna. illustrated McKay/Sheppard AU fanfic.
Witchelm and Drowned Valley by [personal profile] zoetrope. Team manips.
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And now, the news from Delicious: I have over a hundred bookmarks tagged "new", none of which I've recced since I got a delicious account and changed fandoms a few times. Herein I try to remember why I saved them:

Deriving the Prime by Rageprufrock. The only House fic I've ever read, and it's a graphic threesome. I probably didn't rec this before because it's very NC-17, but like all good threesome stories, it's got interesting character dynamics.

HP fanart: Which one, sir?. Sirius and Remus.

The Pegasus Tinies: A Dreadful Abecedarium, with Selected Illustrations. argosy and kiden. SGA fanart.
The Angriest John in the World. Speranza. fanart. I might have mentioned this one before.
The Prince of Atlantis by prudentia. Written By The Victors fanart done in the style of a stained-glass window.
The Physics of Flying by steammmpunk. Wings and excellent highlights!
Downtime by crysothemis. John/Rodney watercolor.
You Only Ever Lose One by Thigh Holster. The John/Rodney sock AU.

due South. Mostly Fraser/Kowalski

Mixing by Slidellra. The archivist from "The Ladies' Man" puts in an appearance (something she should do more often).
Sliding by Sage. Post-COTW tentfic.
The Box by Salieri. Short and excellent.

Real Worlds by Salieri, with accompanying Space!Mountie recruitment posters. A sequel to Real Boys, the Blade Runner/cyberpunk AU. So, I have linked to Real Boys before, but I neglected to mention that a) it is awesome and b) it provides a satisfactory answer to the question my father asked when he and I were discussing Fraser's characterization in the series. My father said that the way Fraser was introduced in the pilot suggests that he had simply popped into existence the moment his father was murdered. Why, he asked, did Fraser move into his father's cabin? Did he not have a place to live already? "He is inscrutable" was my father's conclusion. (Meanwhile, my aunt thought that Fraser was not so much inscrutable as wooden and boring and that Paul Gross's performance was uninspiring. She thinks this about every Paul Gross role that is not Geoffrey Tennant.)
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All good, all SGA, all Sheppard/McKay, all taking up space in my bookmarks folder:

People are People (Except When They're Wraith by eleveninches
Ophthalmology by Pares
Commutative Property by crimsonclad
Weapons of Some Distraction by shrift
Overheard by cupidsbow
Be Cool by Hth
One Leg at a Time by lucitania
Hindsight by rageprufrock (FBI AU)
Bell Curve, or, Ladies' Night at the Boom Boom Room by rageprufrock (CalTech AU)
Small Primes and Square Roots by liviapenn (sperm donor AU)
String Theory by toft_froggy (musicians AU)


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