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This month I've been posting Bandom recs at [community profile] fanart_recs! Someone who is/was on the Panic side of things should claim Bandom in a different month, because I have 0 recs for them.

I just counted so I can't claim that I've posted there more than I've posted here all year, but I've been on dreamwidth a lot more than usual this month.

So far this year I've been at two in-person gatherings with podficcers where we recorded group podfics in a variety of fandoms I now desperately want to get into but don't have time for (the one in February has its own collection); my AO3 works list makes me look super productive, but really I just said a few lines and didn't have to edit anything. I'm still trying to motivate myself to edit a podfic thing I recorded from last May to this March. This weekend for sure.

After my last Fanlore editing post I did start a page for THROAM, the most popular Panic! fic I'd never heard of. I got temporarily burnt out reading damnyouwentz posts in a way that never happened slogging through 12K chemicalromance posts written by teenagers, but now I miss my dumb READ ALL THE POSTS projects.

And at some point I have RL tasks to do.
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I posted this to Tumblr already, and no one cared, but I am still curious about the fan artist's choice here:

(Left: cover of K/S zine Nome, art by The Southern Cross (1984). Right: Stars by Maxfield Parrish (1926).)
Did the fan artist use the painting because it looked cool and/or helped convey the mood she wanted, or did she expect the viewer to recognize the reference and think deep thoughts about what it means to cast Kirk in the role of the female nude of Western art?


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