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Both of these were posted in 2008, but I rewatched them today:

1. I'm Your Man by Charmax. Multifandom cross-dressing femslash extravaganza. Why has no one mentioned that there were so many movies with female cross-dressers? I'm pretty sure I've seen only half of the source footage in this vid.

2. OMG! by [ profile] obsessive24. Doctor Who/Torchwood vid about the companions who travel with the Doctor, recced the other day by [ profile] thefourthvine. The soundtrack alone is worth watching the vid: a cover of "Oh My God" by the Kaiser Chiefs performed by a female singer--far superior to the version I found on In fact, just hearing the line "It don't matter to me" as sung in a female British voice is worth it. Anyway, the funniest aspect of the vid is that the soundtrack is clearly a bootlegged copy that includes a male dj who periodically interrupts the music "to prevent bootleggers," but the vid successfully incorporates the "corruption" of the audio track by presenting it visually as if Captain Jack/Torchwood is just being an attention whore. (I was going to say something like Torchwood=The Man=mainstream media corporation=taking control of the narrative=dj's copyright concerns=>subverted visually and audibly by female narrative agency=>thingy! But "Jack=attention whore" is more to the point.) You will like the part where the dj says, "He's a very good friend of mine. Such a good friend!"


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