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I used to go to all the panels at cons and take detailed notes and then go home and write them up ASAP. Then I decided that I was missing the entire point of cons and stopped doing that. I did actually jot down a few things at Bitchin Party this year, but I'm not sure what to make of them. For example: keerawa talking about writing John's healing cock as angsty -- "Who do I heal with my cock?!" That might have been in the inverted tropes panel.

Anyway, in April I attended my second Pacificon aka Bitchin Party aka "Pacific Writers' Conference" (the "official" printable name as given to the hotel). For the second time, Seattle was warm(er) and sunny, in direct contrast to Massachusetts; my flight home was delayed due to a snowstorm in Boston, so I hung out in the airport with akamine_chan and argentumlupine, later joined by lucifuge5 and mizface(?). romantical/Laura was the saint who made multiple trips to the airport to drop us off. So at this con I talked to lots of Bandom fans and other people I hadn't talked to before, but may or may not have been at the previous Pacificon. I also saw people I remembered from previous cons. But this was the last Pacificon, so I'll probably never see most of them again. So that's depressing.

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uh, so, I started writing a con report and then didn't finish, so I never posted it. here's what I wrote:

SO. In late March, a little slash convention in Boston called Muskrat Jamboree happened. It was fantastic; it was my best MJ yet; it was the last MJ. A few days after the convention was over, ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION. So I lost all will to finish writing my con report. It was probably divine retribution for not understanding what the big deal was when My Chemical Romance broke up during the dance at MJ 2013. (In my defense, MCR was a 2000s fandom in my mind, and I didn't realize it was still as active an RPF fandom as it was. But yeah, I didn't understand how music RPF worked. Now I do.) BEFORE the convention, just as a warmup it turned out, Zayn took a break from the tour and then during the con Louis announced, by the way, he had broken up with his long-time girlfriend two weeks ago (we're thinking, to take the heat off Zayn?). So there was some nervousness in the 1D contingent at MJ and some cries of "MJ is cursed!!" but I for one was trying to remain optimistic and enjoy the con.

Also I spent more time hanging out with Teen Wolf fans, and they had their own fandom problems to worry about--bleep0bleep was telling us how there was someone in Italy (Milan?) trolling tumblr users with abusive asks claiming to support a different ship (whichever ship) in order to stir up a ship war between popular ships and rare ships so massive that the fandom would eat itself. Apparently during the con weekend, the troll succeeded, but since I'm not in the fandom anymore, I haven't heard whether it blew over or not. I think I would have heard if the fandom ate itself (but let me know!).

For once, I allowed myself to stay at the hotel instead of commuting to the con. I had three fantastic roommates, only one of which I knew already: ifreet, bleep0bleep, and elaineofshalott. After three nights in a hotel room and three days talking excitedly with other excited fangirls, I felt like a space alien. Though until ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION, I felt strangely refreshed and upbeat.

Bits and pieces of the con I remember:

We had a 1D flash panel so well attended I still don't understand why we didn't get a regular panel:
-shared how we got into the fandom; the best was the person who overheard her wife talking about 1D at their wedding.
-everyone except me said who their "fave" was (I think it was understood Harry is my favorite); we had representatives for every 1D member, and I think one person who claimed to love them all equally (or maybe she was just into OT5?)
-everyone had convincing reasons for liking each and every 1D member, and I felt like I had erred in not paying enough attention to non-Harry people.
-one person commented on how some fans claimed to only like their fave and NOT the other members of the band, and also how strange this was and how unpleasant/unsatisfying their fandom experience must be. [I had noticed this on the 1D anonmeme on LJ, but I was really hoping these were trolls and not people who genuinely loved one member and hated the rest. since the whole point of the fandom in my opinion is that they're a litter of codependent puppies, I really don't understand this attitude. no one else at the panel seemed to, either.]
-someone misremembering the title of emotional knapsack as "invisible backpack"
-several people had hair dyed amazing colors I don't think I could get away with at work :(
-psycholinguistic(?) described going to a 1D concert and screaming every time Niall "did a thing", to the point where the man seated in front of her covered his ears in anticipation every time Niall did a thing.
-all the ships are the realest
-each ship has a unique dynamic, and is the realest
-larry tinhats suck tho
-a former Larry shipper remarked on how in early 2012 Larry being real was more plausible because we didn't know about Eleanor; the point where Louis/Eleanor was officially announced (when was this, by the way?) was when Larry shipping went off the rails. This was interesting for me because not only was Larry tinhatting an established thing when I entered the fandom, but it was also the first thing I ever heard about the fandom long before I got sucked in. Maybe I would have gotten sucked in sooner if I hadn't known what lay in wait.

Nick Grimshaw flash panel, THREE HOURS LONG:
-Nick's "my friend" technique (my friend = Harry)
-why quiche is such a big deal
-Zane Lowe loves him
-Everyone loves him, really
-some people described meeting or seeing Nick in person "in his natural habitat"; their descriptions of their own reactions to this experience are why I never want to meet celebrities, but we were all entertained.
-better looking in person, also very nice and good at putting people at ease?
-Nick has always been here, but we didn't recognize him--he made Gerard Way blush in an interview once
-we love Nick partly because we can relate--no interest in sports (no hockey fans present?)
-I left for another panel, then came back and listened to the discussion while putting glitter and crowns on photographs (very important)
-Nick is the greatest
-speculation that Nick gets it from his mother

Saturday after panels:
-delicious dinner at Asgaard with bleep0bleep, her fandom friend who didn't go to the con, and inkjunket
-spotted the con comm also dining there
-vid party in someone's room (three hours of vids, and a chat with a slightly younger person who loved Xena as an indiscriminate child and not as a person old enough to see that it was ridiculous. Every time I have a conversation with someone 5-10 years younger than me about media we both experienced, I am surprised in this way. Xena in particular I liked for its campy badness. Admittedly, I had no desire to watch it until after it went off the air because it looked so bad. But the fact that younger people didn't even notice that aspect blew my mind.)
-lamentations on twitter about MJ being cursed because Louis broke up with Eleanor
-slumber party in our hotel room until 2 am basically, chatting about this and that: ifreet described the weirdness of a Sherlockian "media" con, where most members were 70-year-old men
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Pacificon, aka Bitchin Party, was held Friday-Sunday. I flew in on Thursday so I could do some sight-seeing in Seattle before the con because I'd never been to the Pacific Northwest before. I walked around the waterfront, Pike Place Market, and the international district. I also went into the newish public library and the sky view observatory. I may have had an atypical experience--it was sunny every day I was there--but I must say I was impressed: clean city, nice people, not too crowded, a wall of astronomically tall mountains in the distance, and the most beautiful public library I have ever seen. I also had a mysterious allergic reaction/infection so horrifying that I went to the emergency room, where they assured me that I did not have blood poisoning and wouldn't need to have my arms amputated. Slightly less reassuring was the way they couldn't decide if it was tick bites or poison ivy. I now eagerly await my medical bills.

THE CON ITSELF: unfortunately, a bit of a blur already. So much enthusiasm, so many conversations with so many fangirls! On Friday I ran into Franzeska and her lurker friend Alice while waiting for the bus to the con, and we talked about the OTW loudly on the crowded bus until we reached the hotel. I sat for a bit reading One Direction fic in the lobby until [personal profile] regonym arrived, since we were rooming together in the hotel, but that was pretty much the only break from fannish socializing I had until I went to bed. As more and more people arrived, we basically took over the hotel lobby until the consuite finally opened up. Lots of podficcers and lots hockey fans. I did find rivers_bend and lokte to squee over One Direction with. (I also talked to Anoel about One Direction at some point during the con, but she was with the hockey crowd the first evening.) lokte mentioned how there used to be a similar multifandom con in the UK, but it ended. Scribe and fiercynn arrived and remembered me from Muskrat Jamboree. I recognized a few other people from MJ as well, but also found out that people I didn't recognize had also been there and I just didn't notice. Several people reminded me of friends from high school or college or just had an air of familiarity that I couldn't pin down. They hadn't all been to MJ, so I guess it was their fannishness I recognized.

Brynn McK gave us a welcome speech in the consuite and played a Dante's Cove con intro vid by sdwolfpup(?) that made me realize I needed to watch Dante's Cove just to confirm that it really existed. Then most of us sat down to watch the amazingly bad Sharknado. Much laughing and commentary about breaking the laws of physics ensued.

SATURDAY: At breakfast I ran into FishieMishie, who not only remembered me from OTW work, but also seemed to be happy to see me despite my having quit and run screaming into the night. We talked about MCU and OTW stuff. At some point panels started, and I went to as many as possible, but didn't take many notes: "Ethics and Squee", "Teen Wolf", "Attachment and Identification in Fandom" (which ended up being about a different topic due to the original mod dropping out), and "Podfic How-To". I also went to lunch with Franzeska, Alice, and FishieMishie and ate shawarma for the first time. Alice is very funny, by the way.

"Ethics and Squee": according to my hazy recollection, we discussed some fears about making fanworks of fanworks (remixes, sequels, fanart of fanfic, podfic, etc.), both from the point of view of the transformee and the transformer, and also three questions relating to the topic--do we want to follow legal precedent or make our own norms, blanket permission, and ???. The issue of what happens when the original fanwork is taken down was discussed--maybe that was the third point? The orphan works problem was also on the list to discuss, but we didn't get to it.

"Teen Wolf": The discussion was pretty wide-ranging, but I only remember what I wrote down--the show's theme of loss of bodily control (Stiles taken over by the nogitsune, Derek used by Scott and Gerard, the kanima being controlled by Matt/Gerard, Peter's insanity, Lydia not having control/knowledge of being a banshee, Peter calling Scott in season 1, bitten werewolves in general. I made a point about how this relates to the theme in the original movie about werewolves as a puberty metaphor. We discussed whether the theme was deliberate or whether Jeff Davis just had a lot of issues. The mods talked about the different cultural sources of the mythology of the show (e.g. banshee, nemeton = Celtic; kitsune = Japanese). Peter as a catalyst maybe canon, creating a werecoyote, a true alpha, Lydia's banshee powers, whatever Kate is. The significance of various characters' names: Mahealani = full moon in Hawaiian, Lydia Martin = ? Some discussion of fandom: one person on the official TW social media team was trying to police critical reblogs of their posts and got told by Tumblr to knock it off. Tumblr wank about Tyler Posey's opinion of Sterek. Sterek fans hating on Peter/Lydia shippers. Discussion of how the average age of fans affects wank--the Ray Wars happened because due South fandom was young, and they ended when people got older and wiser. The TW showrunners actively encouraging wank because they want to be the trending topic on twitter and think attention is always a good thing. How TW showrunners handle interaction with fans vs. how Sleepy Hollow does it. At the end of the panel, one person pointed out how amazing the gay representation on Teen Wolf was. Danny is popular and an athlete!

After the panels, a bunch of us went to a room to record some group podfic. People found enough fic to record that we had to reconvene on Sunday during lunch. Regonym commented later how different an experience it was from recording solo--nobody stopped for retakes of minor errors, but just went with the flow.

Then cocktails and hor d'oeuvres and vid show and dance. I was sitting next to klb when jarrow and xeria showed up, and klb and jarrow proceeded to talk about nothing but Glee for the rest of the night (except during the actual vidshow). klb was a Klaine fan; jarrow was a Faberry fan. (klb said something about klaine fans viewing faberry fans as "magical faberry wizards", so it wasn't a ship war or anything.) I left at some point and came back, and I think it was exmanhater who commented on how it was a spectator sport, with various fans watching for a while until they realized klb and jarrow were just never going to stop talking about Glee before wandering off again. The vid show itself was good--I had seen a lot of the vids before (except obviously the premieres), but it was interesting to see everyone else react to them. The dance party was disappointing due to technical issues--the speakers were too quiet and fuzzy, so a lot of people left. However, the fanon Cecil and Glow Cloud cosplayers were a highlight.

After the official con stuff was over for the night: room parties! One room party was so crowded with possibly inebriated fangirls playing never have I ever that I went to a quieter room. Several people were there, but a few left, so it ended with Alice, burnishedvictory, Scribe, and me giving each other fic recs and talking about fandoms past and present. Good times.

SUNDAY: I managed to get up early because I was still on east coast time, but a lot of other people did not. I only went to two panels--the Welcome to Night Vale panel, which was a piece of audio performance art that the mods promised would be posted online, and the due South panel, where we sang "Barret's Privateers" before chatting about how we found out about due South and what's been happening in the fandom lately. Scribe and the mod may have been the only currently active fans in the room? Scribe reported on how the fandom was still going strong, but the fic was a lot more diverse than the 2006-2008 wave (mostly Fraser/Kowalski). Also mentioned was the one Vecchio troll in the fandom who flames everyone, Kowalski and Vecchio fans alike, for not writing enough about Vecchio or loving him enough or something. The other two panel time slots I spent adding sparkles to photos of One Direction at the craft table. Someone had to do it.

After the panels was a "Rec my fandom" session, where everyone took turns telling us how amazing the canon for their smallish or possibly non-existent fandom was: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, women's soccer ("You're all in the wrong sports fandom," said Scribe to the hockey fans), Babysitters' Club, Parks & Rec, Cut and Run book series, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, The Blacklist, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Voice RPF, Longmire book series, Number 6 (anime or light novels), Amy Poehler and Seth Myers RPF, After Hours webseries, and the new Three Musketeers show.

Then dinner break, but I don't think I ate dinner? Some time passed, I applied One Direction temporary tattoos to my now normal-looking arms, talked to Franzi, watched some fans play Cards Against Humanity, and then everyone watched Newsies. So slashy. Then the con was done! Ten-fifteen of us who hadn't left yet ate a very late dinner at the hotel restaurant. klb asked everyone to name a personal highlight and a low point of the con. bessyboo swore about hockey. Several people mentioned being sick during the con. aphelant and abbylee? complained about inaccurate representations of Winnipeg in hockey fanfic. People talked about podfic. It was a good time.

Then it was Monday morning, and people who hadn't left yet were standing around in the hotel lobby looking ready to leave, including andeincascade, who I had thought left a day earlier. whoops. I had breakfast with Regonym and her driving buddy, whose name I have now forgotten...? I got to explain why One Direction was so awesome. Driving buddy (Dine?) made some observations about fannish dress codes and how unconventional we all looked and how refreshing that was. And then we packed and went our separate ways. :(

At the airport, I ran into bessyboo, and we talked about Minnesota cons and how I should watch Ouran High School Host Club. Then I ran to my gate and found no signs of boarding. I did find Scribe again, and we chatted until we had to get on the plane. And then the plane ride was looooong, and then my father picked me up, and I had dinner with my parents and told them about the con, and then I stayed up until 4 am reading a Harry/Zayn college AU and now I feel like a zombie. A zombie who should be cooking spaghetti right now.

And that was my Pacificon experience. Or what I can remember of it. The End.
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Muskrat Jamboree 2013: In summary, it was fun.

I took my own advice and skipped one panel each day to sit in the con suite and put glitter on things. It was very relaxing, and other fangirls were there, making glittery things that were better than mine.

Because I am a cheapskate, I did not take my own advice about booking a hotel room so I could participate in room parties, and my decision resulted in my being a total zombie on Saturday, since I had to drive home at midnight and then come back for a 9 am panel. Super fun! But I did go to two room parties anyway: On Saturday I joined the Supernatural viewing party (yes, I'm not in Supernatural fandom, so what), but left after one episode so I could get home without collapsing in an empty Alewife garage at midnight. On Friday klb hosted a podficcer gathering where we recorded four(?) group podfics on the spot. It was amazing! I participated in two; it was my first time doing a live multi-voice session and my first time doing a cold reading. Inkjunket expressed amazement that people were able to mostly read straight through without having to re-do every line. If I had been recording alone, I know I would have re-recorded everything, so I'm interested to hear how the finished product sounds. After the recording session I went out to dinner with Inkjunket, a lovely person I had never talked to before.

Panels I attended:

- slash pictionary
- Avengers movie squee
- fannish challenges, fests, etc.
- fourth wall
- Knotting

- Tumblr
- Teen Wolf fanon
- Fall Out Boy
- Fandom Osmosis
- Robots
- Due South

Friday I paid the exorbitant hotel parking fee so I could stay for the vid show and dance party and not worry about creepy Mass Ave + subways at midnight. Dance party was fun, though right before the end I noticed some fangirls weeping and hugging in a corner because My Chemical Romance had broken up. Initially I thought that SOMEONE HAD DIED. I needed to remind myself about that time I lay awake for an entire night being angry after I saw "Seeing Red."

The Panels
what was discussed )
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So, I suppose not everyone likes fanfiction, but it's a bit jarring to suddenly be subjected to a surprise legality-of-fanfiction debate in an unrelated panel at a fan convention. That was an awkward moment, and I was just a bystander. I was also glad not to be the one arguing about the relevance of fanfiction vs. polyamory* in programming selection. The panelists managed to head it off at the pass by advising the fanfic fan to talk to the people in charge of programming and then changing the subject. It seems like the division between fanfic fandom and sf fandom is alive and well, even if the animosity between literary vs. tv fandom is gone.

I ended up talking to the people in the programming office, who said that even getting one fanfic panel into the schedule had been a struggle. And yet, that one fanfic panel, apparently pitched as a 101/outreach type thing, was attended mostly by fanfic fans who probably didn't need it... because it was the only option available.

(I hope someone who stayed for the whole panel does a writeup so I can find out what people talked about after I left.)

*Not just polyamory in SF. Polyamory in RL for poly people. It sounded interesting, but I didn't go to any poly panels because I didn't want to be like that guy in the non-binary-gender panel defending The Left Hand of Darkness, a book written in 1969 that even the author acknowledges failed in this department. AWKWARD. Plus, you know, I wanted to see the panels on topics close to my heart, and there were way too many interesting panels scheduled simultaneously.
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This morning I read Hyper Heart Alone on my ereader while on the train to Boston, where I attended a science fiction convention. I was more prepared for the weather than the convention, but I went to a few panels and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Like I-Con in New York, Arisia seemed to take a very broad view of "science fiction fandom". Included under the umbrella were anime & manga, comics, cosplay & costuming, filk, literary sf and fantasy, TV/film sf and fantasy, RPGs and other types of gaming I didn't investigate. (And I understand this is typical; I don't know if it's an economic issue, or all these things are really part of the same community, but it meant I got to see a smorgasbord of geekery all in one room.)

There was even one lonely panel on fanfiction, where I actually recognized one of the panelists from The Witching Hour. Unfortunately, I had to leave the fanfic panel early to catch a train.

Oh, yeah, and I ran into a former coworker, but that wasn't a total surprise, as I knew she had been to another convention.

The number of people wearing Jayne's hat gave me great joy. It was for sale at several booths in the dealers' room. There were a lot of corsets and hats and cloaks and other beautiful things on sale, but I only bought some of these buttons. I now have a button labeling me as a livejournal refugees.

The convention continues tomorrow, so maybe I'll have more to report if I remember to bring a pen.
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Right, so a week ago I attended Muskrat Jamboree, a biennial slash convention held in Boston. The con ran for two days, Friday and Saturday. It was my seventh fan convention, fourth fan-run convention, second media fandom convention, and first slash convention! At least, I think it was my seventh; those Creation cons all sort of blur together. (I was a baby fan, and I really liked Star Trek: The Next Generation--MORE THAN I'D EVER LIKED ANYTHING EVER BEFORE OR EVER WOULD AGAIN. Ah, young love.) MJ was excellent and very different from any of the (few) cons I'd been to before--for starters, only 150 people were there. Mostly fangirls, and in fact, I only noticed one lone fanboy. The programming consisted of (very enthusiastic) panel discussions. I tried to go to all the panels, which I think I will not do next time: I was worn out by Saturday afternoon. But yes, I shall go again if I can.

I took notes during the discussions because that's just how I am, but I'm looking at my notes now and they're not terribly illuminating. Observe:
canon discussion
were-swans, were-seahorses

Mysterious, yet intriguing. more con report )
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Dead tired after seeing Serenity with [ profile] insomniac_blu. It's past my bedtime!

Oh, the NyQuil must be kicking in.

I'm about as coherent as I was during the Leaving Feast at TWH on Monday, so this'll be authentic.

First off, lots of people were there before what I thought was the beginning of the brunch. I arrived at 8:30 a.m. after only a few wrong turns on the highway. I managed to find [ profile] uguisubari, [ profile] violarium, and [ profile] wendywoowho, although I sort of lost track of them at different points. It seemed like everyone was looking for everyone else to get their email addresses and such. Lots of last minute photo-ops. Got to look at [ profile] uguisubari's art journal. Since she was sitting next to me during various panels, fic readings, and presentations, I watched her sketching some excellent figures. No line out of place. I looked for [ profile] didntyoupotter, the first person I met at TWH, but I think she wasn't there.

Two men at the Hufflepuff table were expressing surprise at the gender imbalance of the convention. 80/20, they guessed. I was surprised that there were men there at all, but maybe that's just me....

Some last awards and such were announced by the "Minister of Magic"--Hufflepuff won the House Cup. Vengeance is sweet. Although Hufflepuff ended up with 18,000 odd points, it was through no fault of my own; I don't think I saw any prefects the whole time. In fact, I wasn't too clear on who the prefects were anyway. The head of Gryffindor was acting out as usual, and people kept encouraging him. Actually, he was the only head of house who seemed to get into the spirit of the whole House/Hogwarts reenactment thing.

And there was one last panel: Riddle to Voldemort: A Choice to the Dark
book 6 spoilers )
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On Sunday, instead of running all over Salem and missing half of every panel, I decided to sit in one place and let the programming come to me....

"The Lure of the Dark Side: Explaining Villains Through Fanfiction" presented by Kavita Mudan
more )

"Challenging Morality: Fanfiction as Community Dialectic" presented by Heather Mitchell
more )

"Fanfiction Imagines Snape's Sexual Past: Transgression, Titillation and Triumph" presented by Meghan Mercier
more )

"Don't Send a Boy to Do a Man's Job: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, and Their Unlikely Pairing in Fanfiction" presented by Kay Albright
more )

"Deactivating the Moral Compass: Rowling's Place in a Post-C.S. Lewis World" roundtable
at least read this one )


Then I had to go to a friend's wedding, so I missed the rest of Sunday's programming. After I drove back to my parents' house, I was so exhausted I started crying.

"Oh, are you depressed about losing your friend?" asked my mother.

"No, I'm depressed about missing the Hallowe'en Ball!" I sniffled.

But, seriously, I do like my friend.
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I ought to be sleeping, but instead I'm posting some recollections from The Witching Hour. I took some haphazard notes during the panels and discussions, but in most cases did not distinguish who said what.

Thursday. Welcome Feast.
I posted an incoherent entry after I got home, but I also wrote a note to myself:
H/D 9 p.m.-midnight @Sheraton Ferncroft <--------was fabulous! FABULOUS!

I went to a panel on "Pureblood Bigotry: A Backlash Against Muggle Persecution? And Does It Matter?", but I didn't take any notes. I do remember thinking that the discussion never quite got to the point, but that's discussion for you. No one said what I was thinking,* so eventually I said it right before the panel ended. Or perhaps it ended because of what I said? Let's just say I won't be starting that career in public speaking any time soon. My heartbeat did not slow down until several minutes later.

Also on Friday:
-The Snape in book 6 roundtable was packed, and there was a moment toward the end where it looked like a fight might break out between the people who thought spoiler ) and everybody else.
-met [ profile] uguisubari, who was also attending TWH alone, and we ended up going to listen to the fanfiction readings for a bit.
-heard a fanfic about a Jewish Snape.
-tried not to drool when [ profile] iridescent_ink read "Naughty."
-thought about how I hadn't actually read any fanfic in several days. A personal record, methinks?
-talked to a girl on the bus to the inconveniently located Weird Sisters concert and then didn't recognize her when I saw her again two hours later. Clearly, I am entering senility.
-was brutally murdered by a well-timed Ridikkulus.
-saw the opening act, Harry and The Potters, but left before The Weird Sisters.
-witnessed an impromptu Goblet of Fire reenactment, described in more detail here by [ profile] dracomalfoy05.

Saturdaycut for length )
To Be Continued...

*Except for a girl wearing a Gryffindor scarf, who said something along the lines of Voldemort having his own agenda and not caring about pureblood prejudice as such. However, she said she thought her interpretation might be fanon, rather than canon. Canon or fanon: That is the question.
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I would like to announce that I drove on the right side of the road today. I am so proud of myself.

I spoke to a million people today
I took notes during the panel discussions
Otherwise I won't remember anything that happened
I bought a Slytherin scarf
and I'm really going to bed now.
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I'm utterly braindead and coming down off a Harry/Draco high, but I'm going to post anyway:

-driving to Salem on 128 in rush hour traffic with construction! Whee!
-Everyone in the universe was trying to park in Salem to watch the Halloween parade there.
-I didn't even know where the filled-up parking was.
-I drove on the wrong side of the road, but miraculously avoided either an accident or a citation.
-Chris Rankin, who plays Percy Weasley in the movies, was in the parade.
-The teenaged girls standing in front of me noticed this surprising fact and started screaming.
-talking to another girl who didn't know anyone going to TWH and subsequently joining forces for the evening.
-seeing a lot of McGonagall hats.
-women dressed in very convincing Draco, Lucius, and Snape costumes.
-Draco, Lucius, and Snape getting sorted into Gryffindor.
-the other girl and I getting sorted into Hufflepuff. (WHAT?!? is what I didn't say, but I overheard other people grumbling about getting sorted into the wrong Houses.)
-lots of energetic, excited fans. It was weird saying "fanfic" to a total stranger and knowing that I would be understood.
-talking to an engineer from San Jose about checkmated.
-seeing faces to go with the names I see on livejournal.
-reminding myself of my conversation with [ profile] insomniac_blu, in which I promised I wouldn't grab fanauthors by their ankles and plead, "I want to have your babies!"
-thinking about Voice and how it's easier to see that the writing styles of people you already know reflect their characters than vice versa.
-hearing Saber Shadowkitten say that no straight fifteen-year-old boy would describe kissing a girl as "wet" and leave it at that.


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