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So, I suppose not everyone likes fanfiction, but it's a bit jarring to suddenly be subjected to a surprise legality-of-fanfiction debate in an unrelated panel at a fan convention. That was an awkward moment, and I was just a bystander. I was also glad not to be the one arguing about the relevance of fanfiction vs. polyamory* in programming selection. The panelists managed to head it off at the pass by advising the fanfic fan to talk to the people in charge of programming and then changing the subject. It seems like the division between fanfic fandom and sf fandom is alive and well, even if the animosity between literary vs. tv fandom is gone.

I ended up talking to the people in the programming office, who said that even getting one fanfic panel into the schedule had been a struggle. And yet, that one fanfic panel, apparently pitched as a 101/outreach type thing, was attended mostly by fanfic fans who probably didn't need it... because it was the only option available.

(I hope someone who stayed for the whole panel does a writeup so I can find out what people talked about after I left.)

*Not just polyamory in SF. Polyamory in RL for poly people. It sounded interesting, but I didn't go to any poly panels because I didn't want to be like that guy in the non-binary-gender panel defending The Left Hand of Darkness, a book written in 1969 that even the author acknowledges failed in this department. AWKWARD. Plus, you know, I wanted to see the panels on topics close to my heart, and there were way too many interesting panels scheduled simultaneously.
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This morning I read Hyper Heart Alone on my ereader while on the train to Boston, where I attended a science fiction convention. I was more prepared for the weather than the convention, but I went to a few panels and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Like I-Con in New York, Arisia seemed to take a very broad view of "science fiction fandom". Included under the umbrella were anime & manga, comics, cosplay & costuming, filk, literary sf and fantasy, TV/film sf and fantasy, RPGs and other types of gaming I didn't investigate. (And I understand this is typical; I don't know if it's an economic issue, or all these things are really part of the same community, but it meant I got to see a smorgasbord of geekery all in one room.)

There was even one lonely panel on fanfiction, where I actually recognized one of the panelists from The Witching Hour. Unfortunately, I had to leave the fanfic panel early to catch a train.

Oh, yeah, and I ran into a former coworker, but that wasn't a total surprise, as I knew she had been to another convention.

The number of people wearing Jayne's hat gave me great joy. It was for sale at several booths in the dealers' room. There were a lot of corsets and hats and cloaks and other beautiful things on sale, but I only bought some of these buttons. I now have a button labeling me as a livejournal refugees.

The convention continues tomorrow, so maybe I'll have more to report if I remember to bring a pen.


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