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I recently participated in a few multi-voice podfics for various fandoms.

Edited by reena_jenkins!

5 headcanons from the "Rey and Finn and Poe get space-married via space potato because Jakku" AU 2 minutes, Star Wars
versus by unpretty. DCU gen with a duckling

Edited by Shmaylor!

Interlude (Rise Up) by Fahye. Hamilton's dream about getting it on with everyone
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A few things I made recently, all for challenges with varying degrees of built-in collaboration:

For Bandom Big Bang
Lyn-Z's Projekt Revolution Tour Diary, a collection of alien!Gerard/Lindsey collages pretending to be a zine
cover art and collage for Ande's podfic

For Pod_Together
podfic with sound effects of a fic akamine_chan wrote for me(!!), i sneak up (and hit you like a fucking tornado) (Lindsey/Kitty)


A few things made by other people, recently and not-so recently

The Hesitant Alien / The Punk Rock Princess, fanmix by akamine_chan. (2016-09-20)

By the Numbers by shoemaster. AU in which Gerard is a fine artist and Frank is his accountant. Very cute. (2007-12-17)
Only Going One Way by ataratah and jjtaylor. A delightful Due South crossover/fusion! Gerard is a mountie, Frank is a Chicago cop, Mikey is missing. (2010-06-16)
Podfic by Rhea314 of Fog, Sheets and Thunder by Theopteryx. Post-apocalyptic postal service AU, with sound effects! Set underground in a nuclear winter, but it ends on a positive note. (fic 2012-03-04, podfic 2013-08-28)
Septicemia by innocent_wolves. A little different from my usual recs, and darker, but it still has a happy ending. No Band AU. Frank is suicidal, and both Frank and Gerard have maladaptive super powers. (2012-2013)
and me here on the ground, podfic by Ande of the fic by ohnoktcsk. Magic AU. (fic 2013-09-01, podfic 2016-09-18)

Frank/Gerard/Grant Morrison
podfic by argentumlupine of Half of Something Else by fleurdeliser and tuesdaysgone. AU where MCR didn't happen, Frank is Grant's assistant, and Gerard is a comic book artist. (fic 2011-08-18, podfic 2016-09-15)

podfic by fire_juggler of Pages In Your Passport by inlovewithnight. AU: Pete is a professional soccer player; Mikey is still in MCR. If anything, it ended too soon. (fic 2011-08-26, podfic 2012-07-13)

Love Will Tear Us Apart by melusina. Pete and Patrick don't notice until FOB goes on hiatus that they're soulbonded. (2016-09-18)

Any Ordinary Stranger by adellyna. Superpowers AU! Pete/Patrick, Brendon/Spencer: one of those early pan-Bandom fics with too much PATD and not enough MCR. I just really love the understated way Patrick pines over Pete. (8th-May-2008)
podfic by reena_jenkins of From Countess to Cabin Boy by formerlydf. GSF Pirate AU in which Brendon is a girl who runs away and disguises herself as a boy to join a very silly pirate ship. (fic 2009-08-12, podfic 2012-06-16)
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Dear Podficcer,

My interests this year are similar to last year's. My fandom is Bandom, specifically: My Chemical Romance (including the members' post-band projects), Mindless Self Indulgence (especially Lindsey Way), and Fall Out Boy. I've also enjoyed pan-Bandom fanfic that included Panic at the Disco and other bands I don't recognize, but my heart belongs to MCR (and Pete, for some reason). My favorite ships are Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick, Mikey/Pete, Frank/Mikey, and Gerard/Lindsey. And Gerard and Mikey being BFFs. And Lindsey Way being awesome.

You can see what I've rec'd to date here and on pinboard (mcr, fob).

Things in fic I like include happy endings, humor, pining, AUs (especially science fiction AUs), canon-compliant fic, gender nonconformity, and fusions. Things I don't like include major character death (unless they're resurrected, of course), hockey, cheating, and other unhappy endings. I also tend not to go for PWPs in podfics, but they don't squick me.

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fanart recs are everything I've reblogged on tumblr: mcr fanart, bandom fanart (FOB and LynZ so far)

Fic and podfic:


Podfic by klb of Forever, Now by harriet_vane. Gerard and Mikey are orphan runaways; Brian takes them in. I have a lot of feelings about the story and about klb's emotionally devastating performance. And there are sequels! (fanfic 2007, podfic August 2011)

RAY GUN by jedusaur. Short Grace-centric Killjoys fic. Not happy: everyone dies. (July 2013)


Supersaturation series by skoosiepants. Fusion with SGA. I don't even know who half of these bands are, and it doesn't matter. (2007-2009)

Pete Wentz: Failiest Ally by girlpearl and melusina. Pete/Gabe, but mostly about Pete being in denial to a ridiculous degree. (April 2012)


Away With The Boys In The Band by inlovewithnight. Very amazing and long history of the band with always-a-girl Mikey. I didn't know what the end game ship was going to be, although I really should have, but I read it for the girl!Mikey and mental health stuff so I didn't care. The Gerard & Mikey sibling relationship is also interesting. (June 2011)


Podfic by jenepod of We Used To Be Friends by ladyfoxxx. AU where Gerard never started MCR, Frank became a teacher, and Mikey joined The Used. Frank and Mikey were best friends in high school, but then Frank doesn't hear from Mikey for a long time, and it's even longer before he finds out why. I actually found the premise so upsetting (i.e. realistic) it was difficult to listen to, even though the podfic is well done and the story has a happy ending. (fic July 2012, podfic July 2013)


The Way It Works by anew_leaf. Gerard swears off sex with men; Frank convinces him to change his mind. (August 2007)

An Inexplicable Occurrence of Angels by stele3. AU in which Frank is a fallen angel who turns up after MCR loses its record contract and Gerard is still living in his parents' basement. (December 2007)

Podfic by inkjunket of The Sky-High City by sevenfists. Post-band story written pre Danger Days. Frank is depressed and goes to stay with Gerard in California. The story is so jossed at this point that it's barely recognizable, but it's still cute. (fic August 2007, podfic March 2009)

Podfic by klb of The Anatomy of a Fall by novembersmith. 13 hours long high school/ghost AU with lots of plot and a happy ending, but ghost AU means one of the characters is still deadish, so. I cried. (fic June 2010, podfic January 2013)

Podfic by argentumlupine of Can Never Wrong This Right by theopteryx. historical academic Indiana Jones-ish AU with temporary bonding and lots of pining. Frank is Gerard's TA. (fic July 2010, podfic January 2013)

The Heart You Need by flyby. How the Killjoys became the Killjoys....if the Killjoys were telepathic space pirates. Very long, and a bit slow in the beginning, but with a summary like that, obviously I had to read it. (August 2013)

Frank Iero and Gerard Way, more known as frnk and gwhiz138, are famous Youtubers AU gifset series by spaceboyfrnk (June 2015)

Gerard Way/Lindsey Way

Asimov, the Deleted Scenes, plus sequel, by stele3. Lindsey meets inventor!Gerard and all his little robot friends. (March 2009)

Gerard Way/Patrick Stump

Podfic by inkjunket of Sing Ourselves to Sleep by Dira Sudis. Gerard and Patrick have a special moment during Warped Tour. The podfic was the first MCR podfic posted to the Audiofic Archive! (podfic October 2007)

Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz

Podfic by paraka of There and Gone by ladyfoxxx. Spy AU. Suspenseful angst with a happy ending. Paraka's use of music between scenes worked really well, although it turned out that the song fit so well because it was the original inspiration for the fic. Um, but it was a good aural experience just the same. (fic November 2010; podfic November 2013)

Podfic by argentumlupine of Accidents Will Happen by melusina. Bakery AU in which Pete accidentally filled out the wrong form and wound up married to his business partner. (fic February 2015; podfic December 2015)

sing like silver bells do by the_ragnarok. Asexual relationship. (June 2015)

Omegalomaniac by the_ragnarok. A/B/O but not porny heat fic. Well, maybe a little. Mainly it's a meta exploration of people who don't fit neatly into the A/B/O ternary! plus a side-order of anti-omega-sexism. And Fall Out Boy on tour. (August 2015)

Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith

There Should Be A Name For Something Like This by skoosiepants. cute tourfic (March 2007)

Sweater Vests series by disarm_d. Mid-20th century British university AU. Angst and sweater vests. Unresolved ending. (2007-2008)

Podfic by pennyplainknits of If Music Be The Food Of Love (I'll Have The Veggie Burger) by sunsetmog. Basically the origin story of P!atD, but slashier and read in Penny's British accent :) Actually, everything I know about P!atD I learned from fanfic, so don't quote me on that. (fic 2008, podfic 2011)

Podfic by cee_m of the Panties and Lip Gloss series by sunsetmog. (fic 2012, podfic 2013)
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I used to go to all the panels at cons and take detailed notes and then go home and write them up ASAP. Then I decided that I was missing the entire point of cons and stopped doing that. I did actually jot down a few things at Bitchin Party this year, but I'm not sure what to make of them. For example: keerawa talking about writing John's healing cock as angsty -- "Who do I heal with my cock?!" That might have been in the inverted tropes panel.

Anyway, in April I attended my second Pacificon aka Bitchin Party aka "Pacific Writers' Conference" (the "official" printable name as given to the hotel). For the second time, Seattle was warm(er) and sunny, in direct contrast to Massachusetts; my flight home was delayed due to a snowstorm in Boston, so I hung out in the airport with akamine_chan and argentumlupine, later joined by lucifuge5 and mizface(?). romantical/Laura was the saint who made multiple trips to the airport to drop us off. So at this con I talked to lots of Bandom fans and other people I hadn't talked to before, but may or may not have been at the previous Pacificon. I also saw people I remembered from previous cons. But this was the last Pacificon, so I'll probably never see most of them again. So that's depressing.

Read more... )

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new podfic!

May. 8th, 2016 05:17 pm
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A week ago I posted my podfic of the second fic in Bexless's Unholyverse trilogy at AO3: staring through the demons. The final version was 5 hours, pretty long for podfic by me, though definitely not the longest Bandom podfic I've listened to. :)

Both mp3 and m4b versions available now.


Apr. 19th, 2016 09:35 pm
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Poll #17443 Larry fandom
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In the context of One Direction, is Larry fandom...

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all Larry shippers
1 (33.3%)

all fans who think Larry is real
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some other set of fans
1 (33.3%)

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The Cat's Miaow by Pennyplainknits. Noir Detective AU. Patrick is a private eye, Pete is his client, and Ryan Ross is in trouble.
Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz by the_ragnarok. BDSM Soulmate AU set on tour. Patrick has been composing some very un-Patrick-like music. Meanwhile, Pete hides the fact that they're soulmates from Patrick.
Make My Troubles Rhyme by giddygeek. Pete sees a Pete from an alternate universe in his mirror and decides to swap. Both Petes end up in a better place.

Podfic by argentumlupine of A Little Less Doolittle, A Little More Noah's Ark by Arsenic. AU where Gerard and Mikey can talk to animals and Pete is a lawyer. The Way brothers are in a very sad state, but the fic starts at the point where Mikey has found help, so it's a very optimistic story with a 100% happy ending. Listen to argentumlupine's amazing distinct voices for all the characters and ability to cry in Pete's voice.
Podfic by ailis_fictive of Like two birds of a feather would be by Pennyplainknits. Mikey and Pete meet under a table.

Podfic by argentumlupine of Before this Damage by yekoc. Killjoys AU

It Came From Within by turps. NOT AN AU!

Podfic by argentumlupine of Born to Motorbabies by jjtaylor. Killjoys AU. Frank only feels safe sleeping in the dish washer until he meets Gerard.
Podfic by argentumlupine of ever just the same (ever a surprise) by mwestbelle. Fairy tale AU.
Podfic by argentumlupine of The Happiest Fuckin’ Place on Earth (tm) by Roxy_palace. Weird AU setting I almost didn't read, but a disillusioned Frank working grumpily at Disneyland and pining over idealistic new hire Gerard is a delight!
Podfic by argentumlupine of momentum keeps us going, gravity makes us strong by akamine_chan. SFnal scientists AU. There's tentacle sex at the end, but it's just a bonus; the worldbuilding is a treat.
Podfic by shiningartifact of Might I Have a Bit of Earth by theopteryx. SPACE AU!
Vampires Will Never Hurt You (But I Make No Promises About Zombies) by Solarcat. And sequel. school AU where Gerard has a chronic health condition and Frank is his best friend who doesn't notice that they're basically married, but there are no actual vampires. So cute.
Podfic by fire_juggler of Frank Iero, AI by snarkydame. Cyberpunk/Detective Noir AU; podfic has special effects!
The Light from Our Bodies Precedes Us by fleurdeliser. The NASAverse AU. Everyone is a NASA scientist circa 1960s.
Distance in the Afterlife by sevenfists. Tourfic in which Gerard comes out and Frank decides they need to pretend to be boyfriends. NOT AN AU!
Ride by Synchronik. Van Days tourfic in which the band stays with a cool older lady and Frank and Gerard get together.
Reasons We Don't by airgiodslv. Set during Summer of Like?
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The list of books I actually finished reading in 2015 is so sad it's not worth posting. Here it is anyway:

1. Love in Infant Monkeys (professionally published RPF story collection, pretty good, I wasn't bowled over)
2. Free Amazons of Darkover (collection of badfic by various Darkover fans, published by MZB)
3. Notes From Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture (really good history/analysis of zinester culture--note that it does NOT focus on sf/media fanzines)
4. The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite (comic book by Gerard Way, it was great!)
5. Sandman, volume 1 by Neil Gaiman (amazing and intentionally disgusting, cannot decide if I want to read volume 2)
6. Ancillary Mercy (final book in an amazing trilogy everyone should read by Ann Leckie)
7. The Umbrella Academy: Dallas (sequel by Gerard Way)
8. Uprooted (standalone fantasy novel by Naomi Novik, so good!)

Of course, during the same period I read a ton of fanfic and recced some here.

New Year's resolution is to read all the unread books in my book case so I can finally get rid of them. I think that was last year's resolution, but this time I mean it! And I need to watch all my unwatched DVDs before I buy any more.


Jan. 2nd, 2016 09:37 am
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1. The ITPE 2015 masterlist has been posted. I made three MCR podfics for [personal profile] andeincascade (Frank/Gerard, crossdressing Mikey/Ray, gen tentacles), and [personal profile] ailis_fictive made three MCR podfics for me (Cryptophase, Enjoy the Silence, and Like two birds of a feather would be)!
2. I'm slowly editing a very long MCR podfic and wondering if posting it in installments would give me an incentive to work faster. Do people actually download incomplete podfics?
3. Editing Fanlore as always, or I would probably be a lot more prolific as a podficcer. Recently I started pages on bandflesh, helens78, and NPC. Someone else started a page on recent Hermione Granger wank that I hadn't heard about, so someone who knows something about it should go over and help out. Or I could lose another day googling it and writing up my findings.
4. But I have finally seen the new Star Wars movie and would rather check out that fandom.
5. I bookmarked a few Yuletide fics, but haven't read a single one yet.
6. Last year I finished reading maybe ten books that weren't fanfic (including comic books), but as always my new year's resolution is to read the books on my book shelves so I can finally get rid of them and be free of a few earthly possessions.
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uh, so, I started writing a con report and then didn't finish, so I never posted it. here's what I wrote:

SO. In late March, a little slash convention in Boston called Muskrat Jamboree happened. It was fantastic; it was my best MJ yet; it was the last MJ. A few days after the convention was over, ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION. So I lost all will to finish writing my con report. It was probably divine retribution for not understanding what the big deal was when My Chemical Romance broke up during the dance at MJ 2013. (In my defense, MCR was a 2000s fandom in my mind, and I didn't realize it was still as active an RPF fandom as it was. But yeah, I didn't understand how music RPF worked. Now I do.) BEFORE the convention, just as a warmup it turned out, Zayn took a break from the tour and then during the con Louis announced, by the way, he had broken up with his long-time girlfriend two weeks ago (we're thinking, to take the heat off Zayn?). So there was some nervousness in the 1D contingent at MJ and some cries of "MJ is cursed!!" but I for one was trying to remain optimistic and enjoy the con.

Also I spent more time hanging out with Teen Wolf fans, and they had their own fandom problems to worry about--bleep0bleep was telling us how there was someone in Italy (Milan?) trolling tumblr users with abusive asks claiming to support a different ship (whichever ship) in order to stir up a ship war between popular ships and rare ships so massive that the fandom would eat itself. Apparently during the con weekend, the troll succeeded, but since I'm not in the fandom anymore, I haven't heard whether it blew over or not. I think I would have heard if the fandom ate itself (but let me know!).

For once, I allowed myself to stay at the hotel instead of commuting to the con. I had three fantastic roommates, only one of which I knew already: ifreet, bleep0bleep, and elaineofshalott. After three nights in a hotel room and three days talking excitedly with other excited fangirls, I felt like a space alien. Though until ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION, I felt strangely refreshed and upbeat.

Bits and pieces of the con I remember:

We had a 1D flash panel so well attended I still don't understand why we didn't get a regular panel:
-shared how we got into the fandom; the best was the person who overheard her wife talking about 1D at their wedding.
-everyone except me said who their "fave" was (I think it was understood Harry is my favorite); we had representatives for every 1D member, and I think one person who claimed to love them all equally (or maybe she was just into OT5?)
-everyone had convincing reasons for liking each and every 1D member, and I felt like I had erred in not paying enough attention to non-Harry people.
-one person commented on how some fans claimed to only like their fave and NOT the other members of the band, and also how strange this was and how unpleasant/unsatisfying their fandom experience must be. [I had noticed this on the 1D anonmeme on LJ, but I was really hoping these were trolls and not people who genuinely loved one member and hated the rest. since the whole point of the fandom in my opinion is that they're a litter of codependent puppies, I really don't understand this attitude. no one else at the panel seemed to, either.]
-someone misremembering the title of emotional knapsack as "invisible backpack"
-several people had hair dyed amazing colors I don't think I could get away with at work :(
-psycholinguistic(?) described going to a 1D concert and screaming every time Niall "did a thing", to the point where the man seated in front of her covered his ears in anticipation every time Niall did a thing.
-all the ships are the realest
-each ship has a unique dynamic, and is the realest
-larry tinhats suck tho
-a former Larry shipper remarked on how in early 2012 Larry being real was more plausible because we didn't know about Eleanor; the point where Louis/Eleanor was officially announced (when was this, by the way?) was when Larry shipping went off the rails. This was interesting for me because not only was Larry tinhatting an established thing when I entered the fandom, but it was also the first thing I ever heard about the fandom long before I got sucked in. Maybe I would have gotten sucked in sooner if I hadn't known what lay in wait.

Nick Grimshaw flash panel, THREE HOURS LONG:
-Nick's "my friend" technique (my friend = Harry)
-why quiche is such a big deal
-Zane Lowe loves him
-Everyone loves him, really
-some people described meeting or seeing Nick in person "in his natural habitat"; their descriptions of their own reactions to this experience are why I never want to meet celebrities, but we were all entertained.
-better looking in person, also very nice and good at putting people at ease?
-Nick has always been here, but we didn't recognize him--he made Gerard Way blush in an interview once
-we love Nick partly because we can relate--no interest in sports (no hockey fans present?)
-I left for another panel, then came back and listened to the discussion while putting glitter and crowns on photographs (very important)
-Nick is the greatest
-speculation that Nick gets it from his mother

Saturday after panels:
-delicious dinner at Asgaard with bleep0bleep, her fandom friend who didn't go to the con, and inkjunket
-spotted the con comm also dining there
-vid party in someone's room (three hours of vids, and a chat with a slightly younger person who loved Xena as an indiscriminate child and not as a person old enough to see that it was ridiculous. Every time I have a conversation with someone 5-10 years younger than me about media we both experienced, I am surprised in this way. Xena in particular I liked for its campy badness. Admittedly, I had no desire to watch it until after it went off the air because it looked so bad. But the fact that younger people didn't even notice that aspect blew my mind.)
-lamentations on twitter about MJ being cursed because Louis broke up with Eleanor
-slumber party in our hotel room until 2 am basically, chatting about this and that: ifreet described the weirdness of a Sherlockian "media" con, where most members were 70-year-old men


Dec. 17th, 2015 05:43 pm
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welp, I just bought paid time, so I better use all these icons.
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I've been busy podficcing for #ITPE, reblogging gifs, and editing Fanlore, but not too busy to follow the OTW election drama... and edit the Fanlore article on it.

In RL news, I have a lot more hair than I had last year (soon to be rectified). I'm getting more paranoid every year and less likely to post about RL on my journal. I am locking old posts left and right (LJ has a mass flocking feature!). Yet I'm active on Twitter somehow. Because Twitter is a fine and private place.
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All I've been reading since mid June is Bandom, mainly MCR. Podfic linked if I've listened to it (still need to load more onto my mp3 player). If you read MCR fic, you've probably read these already.

In roughly chronological posting order:


Wake Up and Notice by cimorene. Everyone except Frank turns into a girl. So sweet! (July 2007)

A Necessary Requirement by Bexless (September 2007)

I'm Not Sleeping (Trust Me) (lj) by Dira Sudis. Gerard is only four days sober when they shoot the video for I'm Not Okay. (November 2007)

Fantasy Book by cimorene. Sex pollen/pon farr. Super hot, and I love that they stop (or don't) to argue over optimum sexual positions and Star Trek. (November 2007)

Conclusions by Bexless. "Nestyverse" sequel. Artist!Gerard moves into Indie!label!exec!Frank's attic. Miscommunications galore. (November 2007)

A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing by Bexless. Tourfic. Frank worries that he's a pervert who likes to hurt Gerard just so he can kiss it better. Features cuddling, bed-sharing, crowd-surfing, and bruised ribs. This one is my favorite; I mean, they're all my favorites, but this one especially. (December 2007)

One Hundred Percent (Almost. Maybe.) by brooklinegirl. Frank gets sick on tour. There is some totes platonic bed-sharing before Frank notices his own emotions. (January 2010)

A Matter of Logistics by brooklinegirl. slight high school AU. Highschool!Frank wants to know how basement!Gerard convinced so many girls to let him perform cunnilingus on them; Gerard shows him. (January 2010)

Born to Motorbabies (dreamwidth) by jjtaylor. Podfic by argentumlupine. Killjoys AU; Frank feels safer sleeping in the dishwasher. (October 2010)

Run by mrsronweasley. Private high school AU in which Frank is a werewolf. (November 2010)

The Detective's Secret and the Mystery of the Dancing Flowers by jjtaylor. Awesome sequel to the awesome Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency. (December 2010)

The One Where Frank Has an Evil Twin (and is a Secret Virgin Who Probably Should Have Taken Up Knitting) by theopteryx (February 2011)

In Sickness and In Health (lj) by brooklinegirl (November 2011)

The Way They Fly (lj) by mrsronweasley. FRANK IS A ROBOT!! (November 2011)

Black Market Blood by autoschediastic. AU in which Gerard lives in Mikey's basement because he's a vampire. A sweet-tempered artist vampire. (October 2011)

Catholic!Frank and Artist!Gerard Not!Fic by Sena. Podfic read by podcath. I listen to this story A LOT. 1) cath has a soothing voice and captures the silly essence of not!fic while remaining sincere 2) the story is like crack to me. Frank is super Catholic and decides to be CELIBATE FOREVER because he's gay, but then meets Gerard. Also Mikey is out as a crossdresser. The only way this story could be better is if it had robots. (December 2011)

We're all Okay by rivers_bend. Private high school AU. Frank thinks Gerard and Mikey are boyfriends, whoops. (December 2011)

Nothing Comes as Easy as You by rivers_bend. Another fic where basement!Gerard imparts his sexual knowledge for highschool!Frank's benefit, this time the joys of triple orgasms. (March 2012)

Gerard Way: Sex Alien by autoschediastic. Frank really wants to be abducted by this alien. (August 2012)


Heart Wrapped in Clover by Sena. Van Days. Frank is in love with Mikey, and Mikey is a secret crossdresser. (March 2012)

Won't Know 'til You Begin, text by Sena, podfic by knight_tracer (pod_together collaboration). Van Days; Frank and Mikey being roommates. (August 2012)


Always Knew I'd End Up Your Crazy Ex-Boyfriend by fluffontop. Summer of Like fic with a happy boyfriendly ending! Very atmospheric and internal and understated. (July 2008)


In My Blood Like Holy Wine by Sena. ANGST! with a happy poly ending. (January 2012?)
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Dear Podficcer,

ITPE, yay! This year I love only My Chemical Romance and Lindsey Way and crossovers with Fall Out Boy so Pete Wentz can have a crush on Mikey. Other things I love: all the MCR albums, Hesitant Alien, and "This Song Is About Being Chased By Monsters" by Leathermouth. I just got into Bandom in June. So far my favorite ships are Gerard/Frank, Frank/Mikey, Mikey/Pete Wentz, and Gerard/Lindsey. And Gerard and Mikey being BFFs. And Mikey/Ray is good too. I am also here for Lindsey Way being awesome and having any kind of happy ending she wants: femslash, canon het, gen adventures with MSI, whatever.

You can see what I've rec'd to date here and on pinboard. I'm currently compiling another MCR rec post.

Things in fic I like include happy endings, humor, AUs, canon-compliant fic, gender nonconformity, fusions, secret tragic unnecessary mutual pining, anything IN SPACE or with ROBOTS. (Tragically pining gender nonconforming robots in space??) Things I don't like include major character death, hockey, cheating, and other unhappy endings. I also tend not to go for PWPs in podfics, but they don't squick me.

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Cool With It by threeturn. X-Factor era cuteness.

Most Dauntless, Voiceless Fortitude by mrsronweasley. Regency era AU. So beautiful. I have a lot of feelings about this.
No Power in the 'Verse by waspabi. Firefly fusion. Very ensemble, much science fiction. Also the only fic with Zayn/Louis I've read probably.
The Feeling Is Beating Now by blueandbrady. Fingerfucking. And also feelings and miscommunication.

see beneath by daisysusan. Non-famous AU. Louis and Liam are roommates and pretend to be boyfriends.

MCR and friends, all slash
(To Die Will Be) An Awfully Big Adventure by FayJay. Possibly the first story I read in Bandom: now my new fandom I didn't need! Vampire Gerard, fairies, werewolves, polyamory, LynZ Way, plot, intrigue, good stuff. (Note that FayJay was planning to take down all her stuff at some point, so download!)
Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency [audiobook] by FayJay, fic by jjtaylor. Haven't actually finished listening to this yet, but so far so amazing. world-building, vampires, murder mystery, sexual tension with one's valet! All read in FayJay's masterful voice.
the first rule of broom-wielding by skoosiepants. Very cute AU where everyone in Bandom lives in the same apartment building. No idea who most of these people are.
sing it for the n00bs by jedusaur. MMORPG AU.
Unholyverse series by Bexless. Tattoo parlor/Priest AU with exorcisms, demonic possession, stigmata, Buffy references, etc. Plus pining and drama and romantic stuff. And humor. Basically it has everything you could want except no vampires or robots. That would just be greedy.
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Poll #16721 slashbash
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22

Are you familiar with the term "slashbash"?

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2 (9.1%)

yes, but I haven't heard it in a while
0 (0.0%)

20 (90.9%)

When did you discover fandom?

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before 2000
12 (57.1%)

8 (38.1%)

1 (4.8%)

2011 or later
0 (0.0%)

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Poll #16716 Boy Band Slash
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

What group does the term "boy band slash" refer to?

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slash about NSYNC
2 (20.0%)

slash about the Backstreet Boys
3 (30.0%)

slash about New Kids On The Block
1 (10.0%)

slash about any boy band past or present
7 (70.0%)

slash about a different set of music groups I will list in comments
1 (10.0%)

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Don't Break My Android Heart by balefully. Niall/Bressie. NIALL IS A ROBOT!! You'll never guess what kind. No, not that kind.
dreaming a sympathetic wish by Misprinting. It's gen, but LIAM IS A ROBOT!! The sequel has Liam/Harry and Liam/Louis. Plus Harry is a Veela.
catching stars to keep by teaboytoaliens. Nick/Harry. HARRY IS A ROBOT!! Also Niall is nonbinary.

forever's gonna start tonight by gorgeousnerd. Vampire AU.

once in your life by wearecities. Non-AU. Harry and Niall make a marriage pact for when they're 30. Then Harry realizes he fancies Niall, and they move the wedding date up.
Speak a Little Louder by makesomelove. AU. Harry is a mime.

untitled collaborative Tumblr medieval fantasy AU notfic. also Liam/Zayn
Spies Like Us by Ferritin4. AU in which Niall works for MI6 and Bressie works for the Irish Directorate of Intelligence. Spies in love, awwww.

Like a Hole in the Head by Ferritin4. AU with backstory where they got married and then divorced at 18, and then Louis ran off to London and became a famous actor. Angst! They get back together of course.
Dust Off Your Highest Hopes by pukeandcry. High School AU.

You can stay up there right next to me by harriet_vane. The new boy at Liam's school is very weird. High school AU with kissing practice!

Make Tea, Not War by howdoyouwhisk. X Factor bungalow through the X Factor tour. Not an AU. BDSM/service kinkyness and emotional confusion

untitled tumblrfic by sparkly-boots. Soulmate AU with red string
Nick/Harry ficlet inspired by Nick’s never-ending list of pet hates by greedy_dancer
untitled tumblrfic by waspabi. Sleeping Beauty AU after Nick wakes Harry up. Harry dozes off a lot.

Harry/Taylor Swift
And we run by becka. Superhero/Secret identity AU.


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