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I went on a little trip, came back, and tried to watch all of Teen Wolf season 2 and catch up on season 3 while not going online so I wouldn't be spoiled. So far, I've finished season 2 and hope to get to the season 3 premiere tonight. Initial thoughts:

1. Holy shit, Derek is a creepy asshole in some scenes. And then not in others. It's like they wound him up and left him on a different setting each time. So is he a victim or a perpetrator?

2. I discovered the ability to take pain away was not fanon! But it doesn't appear to be related to pack, and we only see it work on a dog.

3. The Argent family tree is very confusing to me. Did Chris marry his cousin or someone from another werewolf hunter family? Victoria never acted like she had only married into the werewolf hunting business. Or maybe she did, but she never acted like she had any other family.

4. How did drugging people at a party in the middle of town help bring a crazed werewolf back to life in the woods several miles away?

5. Season 1 had Stiles genuinely concerned about his attractiveness to gay guys, but in season 2 an actual gay guy showed an interest, and Stiles did not look the slightest bit happy about it.

6. Stiles is a better police detective than his father. The sheriff is much more gullible on the show than in fanfic.

7. Bullshit cryptic foreshadowing is bullshit. The show writers clearly have no idea what's coming next.

8. This show is ridiculous. I still love it.


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