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What is podfic, you ask? Podfic is an audio recording of fanfic, read aloud by a fan.

I record one every now and then. You can download most of them from the Audiofic Archive. I've also started posting links from my AO3 account. Here's the list so far, sorted by fandom:

A Bear Named Winnie
Observations by zlot. 12 minutes

Captain America
with the lights out, it's less dangerous by victoria_p. 22 minutes
Only Fools Rush In by victoria_p. 10 minutes [G]

Due South
Areas of Expertise written by liviapenn. 4 minutes [G]
No Mere Inspiration by Speranza. 7 minutes
Life Without Fraser, or How Ray Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moose by thefourthvine. 4 minutes [G]
Ray's Amazing Adventure at the Indigo Club by Speranza. 10 minutes
That Good Night by Dira Sudis. 3 hours
P.S. by zoetrope. 27 minutes

Good Omens
Its Own Place by unravels. 1.5 hours

Mindless Self Indulgence
i sneak up (and hit you like a fucking tornado) by akamine_chan. 5 minutes

My Chemical Romance
the intentionally non-traumatizing tentacle one by jedusaur. 4 minutes [G]
A Necessary Requirement by Bexless. 23 minutes
Second Skin by mistresscurvy. 14 minutes
staring through the demons by Bexless. 5 hours
A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing by Bexless. 3 hours
RAY GUN by jedusaur. 5 minutes [G]

One Direction

Maybe With Me by threeturn. 1.5 hours
You Looking Like That by rivers_bend. 40 minutes
Us Looking Like This by rivers_bend. 13 minutes
How Do You Think It Goes by makesomelove. Crossover with Teen Wolf RPF. 1.5 hours
Fine By Me (if you never leave) by harriet_vane. 29 minutes [G]
Tower by threeturn. 33 minutes [G]
niall's tea by me. 1 minute [G]
Works In Progress by Ferritin4. 6 minutes [G]
When You Know by lazy_daze. 8 minutes

The Whore of Babylon Was a Perfectly Nice Girl by out_there. 3.5 hours
Touchy, Feely by Basingstoke. 14 minutes [G]
A Brief History of Johns by lavvyan. 8 minutes [G]

Sherlock Holmes
Some Further Notes on the Roylott Matter by Katie Forsythe. 1 hour [G]
CAULDRON: A Love Letter by Katie Forsythe. 2.5 hours

Star Trek Reboot
How to Win Friends and Influence Vulcans by Green. 18 minutes [G]
Your First Time Should Be Special by Helen. 45 minutes

Taylor Swift RPF
Find Me In The Forest by eadburh. 34 minutes [G]
sweet and steady hearts & but I know I'm never gonna get you back again for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology V. 6 minutes [G]

Teen Wolf

The First Rule of Online Dating by Chash. 11 minutes [G]
dream a little bigger (darling) by Dira Sudis. 11 minutes [G]
After All by Dira Sudis. 18 minutes [G]
manic pixie dream Derek by HalfFizzbin. 7 minutes [G]
Break the lock if it don't fit by Dira Sudis. 1 hr 14 minutes

Teen Wolf RPF
this might be a problem & build a better box by verity. 1 hour
A Slippery Slope by mistresscurvy. 10 minutes
feet (ain't) on the floor by hito. 21 minutes [G]
How Do You Think It Goes by makesomelove. Crossover with One Direction. 1.5 hours

Care and Feeding by Copperbadge. (Sequel to Nice Coat by Adina) 15 minutes [G]
Nice Coat by Adina. 7 minutes
Must Have An End by derryderrydown. 35 minutes


Skills by me. haiku. 1 minute [G]

What Not To *xp*ct Wh*n You're Not *xp*cting It by thehoyden. 1 hour
Limited Release by rageprufrock. 6 hours

Full-cast Podfics:

Brooklyn 99
a distinct lack of tutus by Fahye. Group podfic recorded at Pacificon 2014. Edited by klb. 18 minutes [G]

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Blame It On The Alcohol by yumytaffy. 45 minutes

Critical Role
Rare as a Unicorn by Ciwu. 11 minutes.
Bandwagon by sabinelagrande. 23 minutes

versus by Unpretty. 10 minutes [G]
Gotham's Favorite Son by Unpretty. 8 minutes [G]
Let's Dance by Unpretty. 19 minutes [G]
Welcome Back to High School by heartslogos. [G]

Interlude (Rise Up) by Fahye. 20 minutes

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
A Very Happy Hitchhiker’s Christmas  by abstractconcept. group podfic recorded at the Informal Co-podfic Co-party of Muskrat Jamboree 2013. 26 minutes [G]

Les Miserables
Lovesickness by idiopathicsmile. 1 hour 19 min


Questionnaire by storiesfortravellers. 14 minutes

Slings & Arrows/Hockey RPF
To Make Us Public Sport by Petra. Group podfic recorded at Pacificon 2014. 25 minutes [G]

The Ship Flies Itself by merriman. 9 minutes [G]

Star Wars
5 headcanons from the "Rey and Finn and Poe get space-married via space potato because Jakku" AU by suzukiblu. 2 minutes [G]
The One Where Barriss Is A Model Padawan And It's Kind Of Freaking Everyone Out by mylordshesacactus. 54 minutes [G]

Teen Wolf
Lumberjack!Derek Notfic by gyzym. Recorded by The Informal Co-podfic Co-party of Muskrat Jamboree 2013. 8 minutes

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Wait Wait Don't Eat Me by nestra. zombie AU. Podfic edited by lunate8, with multiple readers. I played the zombie. [G]

[G] = no sex (explicit or otherwise); in the unlikely event of my untimely demise safe for grieving relatives to listen to /morbid


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