Oct. 13th, 2015

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All I've been reading since mid June is Bandom, mainly MCR. Podfic linked if I've listened to it (still need to load more onto my mp3 player). If you read MCR fic, you've probably read these already.

In roughly chronological posting order:


Wake Up and Notice by cimorene. Everyone except Frank turns into a girl. So sweet! (July 2007)

A Necessary Requirement by Bexless (September 2007)

I'm Not Sleeping (Trust Me) (lj) by Dira Sudis. Gerard is only four days sober when they shoot the video for I'm Not Okay. (November 2007)

Fantasy Book by cimorene. Sex pollen/pon farr. Super hot, and I love that they stop (or don't) to argue over optimum sexual positions and Star Trek. (November 2007)

Conclusions by Bexless. "Nestyverse" sequel. Artist!Gerard moves into Indie!label!exec!Frank's attic. Miscommunications galore. (November 2007)

A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing by Bexless. Tourfic. Frank worries that he's a pervert who likes to hurt Gerard just so he can kiss it better. Features cuddling, bed-sharing, crowd-surfing, and bruised ribs. This one is my favorite; I mean, they're all my favorites, but this one especially. (December 2007)

One Hundred Percent (Almost. Maybe.) by brooklinegirl. Frank gets sick on tour. There is some totes platonic bed-sharing before Frank notices his own emotions. (January 2010)

A Matter of Logistics by brooklinegirl. slight high school AU. Highschool!Frank wants to know how basement!Gerard convinced so many girls to let him perform cunnilingus on them; Gerard shows him. (January 2010)

Born to Motorbabies (dreamwidth) by jjtaylor. Podfic by argentumlupine. Killjoys AU; Frank feels safer sleeping in the dishwasher. (October 2010)

Run by mrsronweasley. Private high school AU in which Frank is a werewolf. (November 2010)

The Detective's Secret and the Mystery of the Dancing Flowers by jjtaylor. Awesome sequel to the awesome Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency. (December 2010)

The One Where Frank Has an Evil Twin (and is a Secret Virgin Who Probably Should Have Taken Up Knitting) by theopteryx (February 2011)

In Sickness and In Health (lj) by brooklinegirl (November 2011)

The Way They Fly (lj) by mrsronweasley. FRANK IS A ROBOT!! (November 2011)

Black Market Blood by autoschediastic. AU in which Gerard lives in Mikey's basement because he's a vampire. A sweet-tempered artist vampire. (October 2011)

Catholic!Frank and Artist!Gerard Not!Fic by Sena. Podfic read by podcath. I listen to this story A LOT. 1) cath has a soothing voice and captures the silly essence of not!fic while remaining sincere 2) the story is like crack to me. Frank is super Catholic and decides to be CELIBATE FOREVER because he's gay, but then meets Gerard. Also Mikey is out as a crossdresser. The only way this story could be better is if it had robots. (December 2011)

We're all Okay by rivers_bend. Private high school AU. Frank thinks Gerard and Mikey are boyfriends, whoops. (December 2011)

Nothing Comes as Easy as You by rivers_bend. Another fic where basement!Gerard imparts his sexual knowledge for highschool!Frank's benefit, this time the joys of triple orgasms. (March 2012)

Gerard Way: Sex Alien by autoschediastic. Frank really wants to be abducted by this alien. (August 2012)


Heart Wrapped in Clover by Sena. Van Days. Frank is in love with Mikey, and Mikey is a secret crossdresser. (March 2012)

Won't Know 'til You Begin, text by Sena, podfic by knight_tracer (pod_together collaboration). Van Days; Frank and Mikey being roommates. (August 2012)


Always Knew I'd End Up Your Crazy Ex-Boyfriend by fluffontop. Summer of Like fic with a happy boyfriendly ending! Very atmospheric and internal and understated. (July 2008)


In My Blood Like Holy Wine by Sena. ANGST! with a happy poly ending. (January 2012?)


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