Oct. 6th, 2015

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Dear Podficcer,

ITPE, yay! This year I love only My Chemical Romance and Lindsey Way and crossovers with Fall Out Boy so Pete Wentz can have a crush on Mikey. Other things I love: all the MCR albums, Hesitant Alien, and "This Song Is About Being Chased By Monsters" by Leathermouth. I just got into Bandom in June. So far my favorite ships are Gerard/Frank, Frank/Mikey, Mikey/Pete Wentz, and Gerard/Lindsey. And Gerard and Mikey being BFFs. And Mikey/Ray is good too. I am also here for Lindsey Way being awesome and having any kind of happy ending she wants: femslash, canon het, gen adventures with MSI, whatever.

You can see what I've rec'd to date here and on pinboard. I'm currently compiling another MCR rec post.

Things in fic I like include happy endings, humor, AUs, canon-compliant fic, gender nonconformity, fusions, secret tragic unnecessary mutual pining, anything IN SPACE or with ROBOTS. (Tragically pining gender nonconforming robots in space??) Things I don't like include major character death, hockey, cheating, and other unhappy endings. I also tend not to go for PWPs in podfics, but they don't squick me.



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