Nov. 8th, 2013

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Today I learned how to create a new pattern in Photoshop in the pursuit of making cover art text look more interesting than solid yellow-orange could provide. I've been using photoshop (badly) since college and never noticed that I could put a pattern overlay on text.

On the design front, I was a bit at a loss for how to represent a story where every scene takes place in bed, but the only canon screen time the characters shared was when they were fully clothed (and standing up). I am not good enough even for scary porn photomanips, so I went with fully clothed intimate lighting.

I look at other people's cover art for inspiration (and an opportunity to seethe with jealousy), and I think the solution for most design issues is to select fanfic with short titles and author pseuds. I think that's the secret to good podfic cover art. Meanwhile, I'm stuck trying to fit an image around life without Fraser or how Ray learned to stop worrying and love the moose. Very rarely do I say, gosh, I wish I had more text to fill up all that empty space.

Now I am weeping over an elegant series of covers with a ton of text. Well played, fire_juggler.

P.S. Firefox thought "photomanips" should be spelled "nymphomaniacs."


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