Nov. 2nd, 2013

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Day 2, also known as 13 hours later... Amazingly, there isn't much news to report. I've been up for nearly four hours, but am still in pajamas. I was going to edit a Steve/Bucky podfic, but read Twitter and clicked on YouTube videos and checked RecentChanges on Fanlore instead. I discovered an LJ community for people to write anything for 10 minutes per day in November instead of producing 50K words, but the signup deadline was October 31. At some point, I was going to drive to my parents' house, but I haven't actually told them this plan yet. Too many buts in this paragraph.

I'm listening to the Glee versions of Teenage Dream, Somewhere Only We Know, and Baby, It's Cold Outside. These Glee covers are amazing; some others are not. I stopped trying to catch up on Glee several months ago. Maybe I'll try again. I left off somewhere in the middle of season three.

Spreading the word: The Wiki Committee is recruiting! When I left the committee, I may have said I would "take a year off", but now I'm really enjoying my smaller inbox, and I have so many fun wiki pages to write. (I'd say my inbox was wank-free, but I'm still a tag wrangler.) So, not for me this round.


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