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I used to go to all the panels at cons and take detailed notes and then go home and write them up ASAP. Then I decided that I was missing the entire point of cons and stopped doing that. I did actually jot down a few things at Bitchin Party this year, but I'm not sure what to make of them. For example: keerawa talking about writing John's healing cock as angsty -- "Who do I heal with my cock?!" That might have been in the inverted tropes panel.

Anyway, in April I attended my second Pacificon aka Bitchin Party aka "Pacific Writers' Conference" (the "official" printable name as given to the hotel). For the second time, Seattle was warm(er) and sunny, in direct contrast to Massachusetts; my flight home was delayed due to a snowstorm in Boston, so I hung out in the airport with akamine_chan and argentumlupine, later joined by lucifuge5 and mizface(?). romantical/Laura was the saint who made multiple trips to the airport to drop us off. So at this con I talked to lots of Bandom fans and other people I hadn't talked to before, but may or may not have been at the previous Pacificon. I also saw people I remembered from previous cons. But this was the last Pacificon, so I'll probably never see most of them again. So that's depressing.


-Sadly, one of my roommates had to cancel at the last minute.
-No bands split up, so already a better con than MJ
-Before the con I wandered around Seattle and tried to find Pike Place Market. At one point I walked into a parking lot at random and ran into ride_4ever and rainewynd(?).
-hung out in the con suite and talked to rainewynd?, Mary??, and others??? about due south, highlander, other stuff I've forgotten. good times.
-The first night we watched Dante's Cove. AMAZINGLY BAD--a good time was had by all. Then I probably went to bed immediately because jet lag.

-woke up way too early due to time difference and probably woke up my roommate too. sorry, audrey.
-I think I went to "The Truth About Fandom" panel, but I don't remember much about it. It was good?
-Fun With Inverted Tropes panel
-attended a live podfic recording at some point. pennyplainknits was organizing, it was Muppets/Slings & Arrows, and I think the funniest part was fiercynn and feedingonwind chortling in character as the muppet hecklers.
-ate shawarma for lunch with good company, because Avengers
-made something at the craft table. IIRC, feedingonwind suggested I add a speech bubble.
-Star Wars TFA panel. got a button that said, "That's not how the Force works!"
-fannish nail polish party, at which there was also cake from lattice_frames, I think. My nails lasted for a month since I really didn't want to scrape off the last physical reminder of the con
-vid show and dance party happened. I mostly stood around the edges and didn't dance much because my uncoordinated ridiculous dancing soul has withered and died. I sort of miss it, but I talked to Bandom people, so I had a good time anyway. mel_fabu talked about the difference between fanon Brendon and actual Brendon (so skeevy in concert, she felt she needed a shower; also "literally raised by wolves").

-made a thing at the craft table when I thought I had lost my badge. Later found it in my backpack.
-Pretend Dating panel
-Music panel (non-RPF music fannishness)
-lunch at Chinese restaurant with Luce, keerawa, and somebody else [who??]. I took boxed leftovers, and then turned down a group dinner outing, but then realized I hadn't refrigerated it so couldn't eat it. Also, I didn't have a fork. Lowest point of the con, really.
-Fannish Osmosis Fic Exchange. an excellent game everyone can play, no fic-writing experience needed.
-Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal
-Rec My Fandom
-live reading of Texts from Cephalopods, with bessyboo, lunate8, exmanhater, and revolutionaryjo. A most excellent and funny performance. A+
-went back to my hotel room, but someone else was already lying on one of the beds crying and possibly sick, so I hung out outside the consuite instead and waited for everyone to get back from dinner. Did I eat? I don't know. some podficcers (lattice_frames and torra?) were talking about editing techniques.
-a viewing of Magic Mike XXL, with cake. It was hilarious, and not nearly as badly acted as Dante's Cove, which was a genuine train wreck.
-post-movie conversations, during which Laura offered people rides to the airport and said she had to go home immediately and sleep and then kept talking instead of going home. Also, rumor has it that William Beckett has legs.
-Due South viewing party with torra, ride_4ever, audrey1nd, and burnishedvictory, except I think everyone nodded off. Or maybe that was just me.


-highlander has a lot of fixit fic
-Glee fandom - nobody watches it, canon knowledge acquired from reading other fic
-Ryan Ross's enormous cock
-exmanhater said: fandom focuses more on character truth than pro media. often gets RL facts wrong. you as a reader are more forgiving if it's not your area.
-you can tell when fic writer is writing from experience
-miscommunication scenarios - missed connection vs. characters genuinely bad at expressing feelings
-exmanhater: would accept anything if writer is good enough, emotionally true
-latest AO3 survey
-integration of sexuality with everyday life - happens in fanfic, not pro media
-AUs explore nature vs. nurture
-glorification of surprise; surprises are overrated; tag your tropes; comparison to known allergens
-wish babies is a trope??
-DADT repeal fic era 2011
-soulmark fic started by one author, maybe at the end of 2014? [I think I asked torra about this. Apparently this is a specific named subtrope, though similar fic was written before.]
-A/B/O supplanted directed!verse because they fulfill the same role--examining gender role
-work of wings
-true colors
-imprimateur - soulbonding paperwork (suits)
-5 times they told someone
-THEFT OF ASSETS [I think someone was reccing the awesome HP fic by helenish]

pretend dating:
-different from arranged marriage. performative, reevaluation
-pete/patrick accidentally come out on GMA
-double performance - pretending you're not in love to the person
-B99 - Amy refuses to fail at marriage
-marriage of convenience vs. arranged marriage vs. accidentally married

music panel:
-discussed ways to get or learn about music--8tracks, spotify, fingertips mailing list, tumblr: 1 musician 1 week, local music scene, experience music project,, UC Santa Barbara cylinder project
-recs: cowboy mouth in concert, laura jane grace, arcade fire, bela flectones, empires, doom tree, angel haze, lake street dive, eilean ivers, peter mulvey, MSI, william beckett

tools panel:
-scrivener for writing
-riversbend: using tech in unapproved ways = similar to fans' approach to canon
-fans are early adopters
-distance means need to communicate
-fans: smart, tech savvy, sharing info

rec my fandom:
bluestone 42?
The Raven Cycle
Legends of Tomorrow
The Flash
Tales from the Borderlands
Ever After High
The Goblin Emperor
Wentworth Miller
Billy & Billie
Steven Universe
Gravity Falls
Care and Memory by Elizabeth Bear?
Rivers of London
Killjoys [tv show, not MCR album]
Critical Role
The 100

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Date: 2016-05-22 04:38 pm (UTC)
desireearmfeldt: (Default)
From: [personal profile] desireearmfeldt
Re DADT fic: so, I'm curious... For Reasons That Do Not Need Exploring At This Juncture, I've recently read a bunch of DADT-related fic, some written pre- or circa-2011, and some written more recently. And I've found that some of the latter seemed to be written by authors who either because of age or nationality or *something*, didn't quite get what DADT was -- tending to come across as though DADT had been the imposition of restrictions, rather than a far-less-than-hoped-for relaxation of previously-existing restrictions. Have you/others had this experience, or is it just me? :)

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Date: 2016-05-22 09:46 pm (UTC)
desireearmfeldt: (Default)
From: [personal profile] desireearmfeldt
I haven't seen any DADT-related fic in due South, which doesn't have US military characters (though of course there's some Canada-legalizes-gay-marriage fic of various vintages). Mostly the stuff I'm thinking of is in SGA (a show which I have not seen, but have lately read a bunch of fic for). I don't have specific examples, unfortunately; it was more of a drive-by observation. And there wasn't anything...egregiously wrong that I could point to, more like someone non-American asks Sheppard about DADT and he says something about its institution that implies the trouble started then. But it happened enough times that I found myself thinking, "Wait, I lived through both the institution and repeal of DADT, but I don't pay a lot of attention to politics and I'm not *that* old, maybe I'm misremembering history?" and went and sanity-checked with my contemporaries and the internet and found that no, I was remembering it right.

all I know about how DADT affected the US military was a reported statistic that LGBT discharges actually increased during that time period.

Oh, interesting. I don't remember hearing that statistic, but it wouldn't astonish me. And I suppose people better-informed than I might have had that in mind & I missed the reference.


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