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The Cat's Miaow by Pennyplainknits. Noir Detective AU. Patrick is a private eye, Pete is his client, and Ryan Ross is in trouble.
Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz by the_ragnarok. BDSM Soulmate AU set on tour. Patrick has been composing some very un-Patrick-like music. Meanwhile, Pete hides the fact that they're soulmates from Patrick.
Make My Troubles Rhyme by giddygeek. Pete sees a Pete from an alternate universe in his mirror and decides to swap. Both Petes end up in a better place.

Podfic by argentumlupine of A Little Less Doolittle, A Little More Noah's Ark by Arsenic. AU where Gerard and Mikey can talk to animals and Pete is a lawyer. The Way brothers are in a very sad state, but the fic starts at the point where Mikey has found help, so it's a very optimistic story with a 100% happy ending. Listen to argentumlupine's amazing distinct voices for all the characters and ability to cry in Pete's voice.
Podfic by ailis_fictive of Like two birds of a feather would be by Pennyplainknits. Mikey and Pete meet under a table.

Podfic by argentumlupine of Before this Damage by yekoc. Killjoys AU

It Came From Within by turps. NOT AN AU!

Podfic by argentumlupine of Born to Motorbabies by jjtaylor. Killjoys AU. Frank only feels safe sleeping in the dish washer until he meets Gerard.
Podfic by argentumlupine of ever just the same (ever a surprise) by mwestbelle. Fairy tale AU.
Podfic by argentumlupine of The Happiest Fuckin’ Place on Earth (tm) by Roxy_palace. Weird AU setting I almost didn't read, but a disillusioned Frank working grumpily at Disneyland and pining over idealistic new hire Gerard is a delight!
Podfic by argentumlupine of momentum keeps us going, gravity makes us strong by akamine_chan. SFnal scientists AU. There's tentacle sex at the end, but it's just a bonus; the worldbuilding is a treat.
Podfic by shiningartifact of Might I Have a Bit of Earth by theopteryx. SPACE AU!
Vampires Will Never Hurt You (But I Make No Promises About Zombies) by Solarcat. And sequel. school AU where Gerard has a chronic health condition and Frank is his best friend who doesn't notice that they're basically married, but there are no actual vampires. So cute.
Podfic by fire_juggler of Frank Iero, AI by snarkydame. Cyberpunk/Detective Noir AU; podfic has special effects!
The Light from Our Bodies Precedes Us by fleurdeliser. The NASAverse AU. Everyone is a NASA scientist circa 1960s.
Distance in the Afterlife by sevenfists. Tourfic in which Gerard comes out and Frank decides they need to pretend to be boyfriends. NOT AN AU!
Ride by Synchronik. Van Days tourfic in which the band stays with a cool older lady and Frank and Gerard get together.
Reasons We Don't by airgiodslv. Set during Summer of Like?
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