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What is podfic, you ask? Podfic is an audio recording of fanfic, read aloud by a fan.

I record one every now and then. You can download the ones posted before 2017 from the Audiofic Archive. I've got the most up-to-date links on my AO3 account now (let me know if a link doesn't work!). Here's the list so far, sorted by fandom:

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So far in April I've posted two solo podfics:
1. Let's Start the New Year Right by slightlytookish. Band of Brothers, Winters/Nixon (1 hour)
2. I'd Shout Hooray by Sena. Fall Out Boy, Pete/Patrick (8 minmutes)

Various and sundry group podfics I participated in have also been posted in recent weeks:
3. Don't Swallow the Cap by atrata. Hilarious Brooklyn Nine-Nine podfic!
4. How To Care For Your Angelic Soulbonding Handprint by cimorene. Supernatural
5. Take a Step That is New by Duck_Life. Girl Meets World. recorded at Podfication.

I currently have sitting on my hard drive nine(?) unedited podfics in various fandoms, at least four of which I intend to finish and post at some point....
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All the non-angsty/fun ones I've liked so far:

The Profound Bond (tumblr) by k9lover27. Fake trailer for an Dean/Castiel FBI AU

The Boy King by jmtorres. Sam Winchester, the Death Sheep from Hell.

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmm" by deirdre_c. Sam/Dean.

Winchesters' Thrift Shop by deirdre_c. Winchester fashion! (I actually like their clothes, but apparently this is an unpopular opinion?)

Supernatural (In My Pants) by deirdre_c. Sam/Dean O faces

Like a Boss by kitty. A day in the life of Dean Winchester.

I wish I was queer so I could get chicks by obsessive24. Chuck POV, Sam/Dean.

Channel Surfing by ash48 and maichan. Fun with genre!

Super Winchester Bros. by rhoboat. Crackvidlet.

Supernatural Dance Freaks by ash48. The cast likes dancing at cons.

how we roll by kitty. J2.
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111 works, mostly podfic.

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I've been sick and watching all of Supernatural season nine, aka season eight part two. I have some mixed feelings about it. There were too many scenes at the end where characters explained their own or others' motivations instead of actually showing the motivations along the way. Like how Metatron said that everything Castiel did that season (or ever?) was just to save Dean, but Castiel wasn't in most of the season. And then the whiplash of Sam rehashing his emotional issues from earlier seasons. At the end of season eight it seemed like he was depressed; a few episodes earlier he was talking about being impure, and then in the emotional confrontation with Dean he said a bunch of stuff about being a screwup and disappointing Dean and fearing that Dean would move on from him. Then he got a memory reset in season nine and seemed angry at Dean for talking him down from essentially trying to commit suicide. But on multiple occasions in season nine he seemed ready to die at the drop of a hat while still accusing Dean of being selfish and not letting him make adult decisions. And then the Ghostfacers episode tried to push a weird parallel between Dean lying to save Sam's life and Ed lying to stop Harry from leaving the Ghostfacers. What do you want, Sam? First you're upset that Dean doesn't love you the most anymore, and then you're mad that he does.

I can see that discovering you were possessed by an angel against your will and then watching yourself kill one of your few friends would be very upsetting and you would feel betrayed if your older brother knew the whole time and lied to you, and you also had a history where you left home to live your own life and he got you involved in hunting again and wouldn't let you drive the car or pick the music, but there were mitigating circumstances. AND THEN Sam did an about-face as soon as Dean actually did turn into a selfish monster refusing to let him make decisions. There wasn't any resolution, just fighting, and then crying over Dean's broken body and trying to sell his soul to save Dean like a crappy remake of the end of season two and that season four drunk flashback. I guess it's not a season finale if someone isn't crying and making bad decisions.

Listen, I wouldn't be surprised if Sam had PTSD and depression from watching Dean die so many times, oh yeah not to mention that time he was tortured by Lucifer for an eternity that the show just forgot about?? But the show didn't seem to address this in any consistent way. Or it did, and the sudafed has scrambled my brains. On to season ten!

two things

Feb. 3rd, 2019 11:14 pm
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1. Results of my spaghetti poll suggest that I was doing it wrong all my life.

2. I posted a question about the evolution of CWRPS vs. Supernatural RPF over on Fanlore, but I don't know if anyone over there has tag wrangling privileges (I gave mine up last year) and can check for wrangler debate over the correct organization for the AO3 fandom tags. I'm guessing that things have changed since the Fanlore page on CWRPS was created in 2008, but I'm not familiar enough with the topic to edit that page or create a whole Supernatural RPF page. All I know is there's a (smallish?) Richard Speight fandom on tumblr right now because people are actively reblogging the screencaps I posted. I have also seen some recent squee. There are 107 Richard Speight Jr./Rob Benedict fanworks on the AO3. I'm a little afraid to read them, but I'm impressed they exist.
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Do you cook spaghetti noodles with the pot cover on or off?

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two things

Jan. 31st, 2019 09:55 pm
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1. another podfic from yours truly: with cake in your pocket by victoria_p, Dark Angel, Max/Alec

2. I was poking around the Internet Archive and found an old British radio drama adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series! It's ~8 hours long and pretty good so far.
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I just followed the instructions below, and this post is the result:

[personal profile] melannen posted: Signal Boost: SignalBoost✔ bookmarklet

astolat shared a javascript bookmarklet that automates the (existing custom of) DW-style signalboost/linksharing! It looks like the above part of this post. I think it will be very useful for people who use Dreamwidth differently from me.

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drive-by update to say I committed gen Supernatural podfic: Castiel vs the Pit of Voles by tawg. This is 11 minutes long and not the podfic I was editing last weekend, oops. I was so amused by my own cover art I had to post it right away.
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1. I finished Supernatural season 8. Still fun, but I am concerned that they are starting to recycle season arcs and reset character development. Also I thought it was a little odd to have the primary villain show up so late in the season, but then again SPN isn't Buffy. I loved Meg 2.0, so of course they killed her, like they kill everyone interesting. On the other hand, by not dying, Crowley seems to have become slightly less interesting, so of course we'll be seeing more of him.

2. Being dead is no impediment to appearing in later seasons on this show. So that's some comfort.

3. I have another short podfic I am currently editing, but what I want to podfic after that may be a fic that hasn't been written yet: good Gabriel-centric fic or good Aziraphale/Crowley fic that has not been podficced already. (I briefly looked at the Richard Speight Jr. tag on AO3. I don't know what I expected.) IMHO, Supernatural/Good Omens crossovers Do Not Work, and I want them separately, not together.

4. Being mad at Tumblr is like falling into a black hole. Last weekend for a brief period I was able to appeal half my hidden reblogs. Since Monday the rest have been harder to find, as Tumblr made an update that hid the placeholder posts that formerly displayed in your regular blog view. So if you, for example, added them all to a special tag so you could find the URLs again, uh sucks to be you.

5. Non-fanfic reading is going well so far in 2019. I just finished Robot Uprisings, an anthology of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic short fiction about, well, Robot Uprisings, aka How Technological Innovation Ruins The Environment And Humanity Will Inevitably Destroy Itself. I may never be the same again.
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I've spent way too much time looking into AO3 TOS violations and discussions thereof. I plan to go back to my happy fun place of podfics and screencaps of Richard Speight Jr. ASAP, but I've been seeing a lot of people on social media nodding their heads wisely and solemnly explaining to each other that the reason for disallowing commercial promotion on AO3 is that it would endanger the OTW's non-profit status. Where did this idea come from? (I see Seanan McGuire repeated this just yesterday and Aja's response reflected my understanding.) As I understand it, the reason for disallowing commercial promotion was 1) OTW defines fanworks as noncommercial and the archive as for fanworks, so commercial works are outside the scope of the site and 2) if they ever get sued, it's slightly easier to make a fair use case for a work that doesn't make money (or it's easier to dissuade copyright holders from harassing AO3 users if there's no money to be taken). The second reason might relate to the OTW's continued *existence*, but not specifically their nonprofit status (?). After all, the OTW doesn't benefit if a fanwork has a patreon link on it; that money goes to the work's creator.

tldr I am not a lawyer (obviously).

So anyway I am watching Jericho right now for certain persons in the background of shots who are playing low-key dicks and don't get enough screen time (so far). I am less thrilled about the genre meld of apocalyptic disaster movie and soap opera. No wonder it was cancelled. More screencaps to come.


Jan. 12th, 2019 11:43 pm
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1. gen SPN podfic I posted a few days ago

2. I was able to appeal some tumblr reblogs today. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature on Tumblr's end since I don't see any official announcement about a policy change. And the button wasn't consistently available.

3. Dreamwidth meta discussions about Tumblr vs. Dreamwidth:

4. post on DW's annoying adult content flag
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Reading List

In 2018 I actually read some non-fanfiction and made progress reading the unread books in my book case(s). Unfortunately I lost steam somewhere around September and just spent the rest of the year binge-watching Supernatural. I think the lesson is read more science fiction not by white dudes and don't pick up a 600-page work of nonfiction on Watergate you know you won't finish if you're trying to keep the momentum going.

1. Defending the Land: Sovereignty and Forest Life in James Bay Cree Society - Ronald Niezen*
2. Mother Panic v.1 "A Work in Progress"
3. Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie (reread)
4. Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie (reread)
5. Ancillary Mercy - Ann Leckie (reread)
6. Jeeves and the Wedding Bells - Sebastian Faulks*
7. Snow Hunters - Paul Yoon*
8. Doom Patrol: Planet Love v.6 (#58-63) - Grant Morrison
9. Shade the Changing Girl v.1: Earth Girl Made Easy
10. Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye v.2: "Every Me, Every You"
11. Black Rain - Masuji Ibuse*
12. Shade the Changing Girl v.2: Little Runaway
13. Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon v.1
14. The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse - Louise Erdrich*
15. World War Z - Max Brooks*
16. Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right - Angela Nagle
17. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows*
18. Saga v.2-5
19. Trouble on Triton - Samuel Delany*
20. Ice Land - Betsy Tobin*
21. All Systems Red: The Murderbot Diaries (#1) - Martha Wells
22. Artificial Conditions (#2) - Martha Wells
23. Rogue Protocol (#3) - Martha Wells
24. Exit Strategy (#4) - Martha Wells
25. Moving Pictures - Terry Pratchett
26. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet - Becky Chambers (audiobook)

*9 whole books read and removed from my bookshelves! And I received fewer than nine books for Christmas so I'm still ahead if I start reading them immediately and don't wait ten years like how I got into the current situation. Unfortunately, I pulled out all the best looking (and shortest) stuff first, so I don't know how the next 9 books will go. For 2019 I'd like to polish off at least one shelf.


2018 was a personal best. Not including group podfics: 12 podfics in 7 fandoms or 12:25:46. This brings my total completed podfics for the past decade up to 68 and total hours to 56:55:25, with a mean of 50 minutes 14 seconds and a median of 16 minutes. Previous years' stats.

Given that I completed a 7-hour podfic I had started in 2016, I don't think I'm going to achieve 12 hours of finished podfic in 2019, but I'd like to do more shorter podfics in a wider variety of fandoms. And also set up permanent hosting so I can stream the podfics and people on mobile devices can actually listen to them haha.
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When not glaring angrily at the incorrectly autoflagged reblogs I have no power to fix (yes, they're all sfw; yes, I've been contacting the OPs who haven't deleted; yes, I submitted support tickets), I've been editing and posting the remaining podfics on my hard drive:

On Being Female by Nomad. Discworld gen
A Large Range of Probabilities by cofax. Supernatural gen
Sass by akamine_chan. Bandom femslash for Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology, uploaded as a standalone with new cover art
Working Theory by cofax. Supernatural gen
Good Show, Jeeves by out_there. Jeeves & Wooster gen

ITPE gift not included (yet).

I have one or two more that might be salvageable, or I might rerecord them, or I might drop them and move on. My goal for 2019 is to record stories that were written later than 2015, because I've been recording a lot of really old fic that probably no one but me cares about anymore(??). To do this I will need to either catch up on Supernatural or read more of this year's Yuletide entries.


Dec. 11th, 2018 09:18 pm
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Since my last dreamwidth post, tumblr went mad and everyone started posting on dreamwidth. Archive Team set up a project to archive NSFW tumblr accounts. Meanwhile, I've been queueing up A LOT of reblogs on tumblr for fear the OP will get deleted (holy shit is the art good in Supernatural fandom).

This week I also started a Fanlore page on Oh My God, They Were Roommates. Other Fanlore editors have been working on Tumblr NSFW Content Purge.

Oh yeah, and bandom big bang posting has finished, which I lost track of in all the tumblr shenanigans. In addition to a Pete/Mikey podfic, I also posted some collages to complement a Frank/Gerard/Grant AU by sockpuppeteer!

fanlore log

Dec. 2nd, 2018 10:57 pm
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Since November 10, I've started a few pages: angelcest, Wee!cest, Limp!Sam, Timeline of Supernatural Fandom. I still have as a goal reading through some SPN livejournal communities to get a better feel for the fandom as it was happening.
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I posted a podfic for Bandom Big Bang yesterday, bringing my total count of completed-and-posted podfics to uh 63 and total hours to 55:26:24. Not that I'm obsessively keeping a spreadsheet and challenging myself to produce more every year or anything. Anyway this is small potatoes compared to some of the podfic robots out there (1000+ podfics???), but even being really slow and having roommates and having other hobbies and being lazy can still add up over the years.

Anyway, [community profile] bandombigbang! I recorded Everyday Mysteries In The Summertime by waxjism (Mikey/Pete) because it's awesome and, as far as I could tell, nobody had podficced it yet. (greedydancer made a beautiful podfic of the sequel.) Two people made complement fanworks for my podfic: falter created a fanmix (I am listening to it right now), and akamine_chan made cover art!


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