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On Sunday, instead of running all over Salem and missing half of every panel, I decided to sit in one place and let the programming come to me....

"The Lure of the Dark Side: Explaining Villains Through Fanfiction" presented by Kavita Mudan
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"Challenging Morality: Fanfiction as Community Dialectic" presented by Heather Mitchell
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"Fanfiction Imagines Snape's Sexual Past: Transgression, Titillation and Triumph" presented by Meghan Mercier
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"Don't Send a Boy to Do a Man's Job: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, and Their Unlikely Pairing in Fanfiction" presented by Kay Albright
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"Deactivating the Moral Compass: Rowling's Place in a Post-C.S. Lewis World" roundtable
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Then I had to go to a friend's wedding, so I missed the rest of Sunday's programming. After I drove back to my parents' house, I was so exhausted I started crying.

"Oh, are you depressed about losing your friend?" asked my mother.

"No, I'm depressed about missing the Hallowe'en Ball!" I sniffled.

But, seriously, I do like my friend.
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I ought to be sleeping, but instead I'm posting some recollections from The Witching Hour. I took some haphazard notes during the panels and discussions, but in most cases did not distinguish who said what.

Thursday. Welcome Feast.
I posted an incoherent entry after I got home, but I also wrote a note to myself:
H/D 9 p.m.-midnight @Sheraton Ferncroft <--------was fabulous! FABULOUS!

I went to a panel on "Pureblood Bigotry: A Backlash Against Muggle Persecution? And Does It Matter?", but I didn't take any notes. I do remember thinking that the discussion never quite got to the point, but that's discussion for you. No one said what I was thinking,* so eventually I said it right before the panel ended. Or perhaps it ended because of what I said? Let's just say I won't be starting that career in public speaking any time soon. My heartbeat did not slow down until several minutes later.

Also on Friday:
-The Snape in book 6 roundtable was packed, and there was a moment toward the end where it looked like a fight might break out between the people who thought spoiler ) and everybody else.
-met [ profile] uguisubari, who was also attending TWH alone, and we ended up going to listen to the fanfiction readings for a bit.
-heard a fanfic about a Jewish Snape.
-tried not to drool when [ profile] iridescent_ink read "Naughty."
-thought about how I hadn't actually read any fanfic in several days. A personal record, methinks?
-talked to a girl on the bus to the inconveniently located Weird Sisters concert and then didn't recognize her when I saw her again two hours later. Clearly, I am entering senility.
-was brutally murdered by a well-timed Ridikkulus.
-saw the opening act, Harry and The Potters, but left before The Weird Sisters.
-witnessed an impromptu Goblet of Fire reenactment, described in more detail here by [ profile] dracomalfoy05.

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To Be Continued...

*Except for a girl wearing a Gryffindor scarf, who said something along the lines of Voldemort having his own agenda and not caring about pureblood prejudice as such. However, she said she thought her interpretation might be fanon, rather than canon. Canon or fanon: That is the question.


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