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Started a Fanlore article about podfic permission. It is full of general statements, has no sources yet, and is probably missing something really important I can't think of at the moment. Originally I was going to write more about blanket permission, but I went off on a tangent.

Next step: listen to ALL the pod aware podcasts over again; I'm pretty sure that's where I heard most of these ideas.
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I know someone on my flist was writing about pack fic tropes in Teen Wolf before I actually got into the show.... Now's your chance to fill in the Pack section on the Teen Wolf page! Anyone? Please?
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Vague ideas for Fanlore pages:

1. something to list all convention scams and financial disasters. See the fandom wank entry on the latest Brony fiasco.
2. Digital art
3. ALL the Derek/Stiles fic pages

A Fanlore page I actually created:

1. Lost Zebra Day

My plans for the weekend
1. MUSKRAT JAMBOREE! I am excited, but also nervous about parking and walking alone in the city at night. Not to mention 150 excited fangirls in one room. I need a nap just thinking about it.
2. Edit my latest podfic of doom. It's "only" 30,000 words, so it should be a snap to edit, right? I started in January and will probably miss Amplificathon AGAIN because I can't start a new podfic until I've finished the current one. Also, I've decided I desperately need a pop-filter, but I haven't ordered one yet.
3. All the Fanlore editing. All of it.
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Fanlore's Body Modification article needs love. All the examples so far are for tattoos.

Have there been any body modification vids?
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Can anyone confirm that this still is from season 5's "Motherhood"?

Ashera's Archive is an excellent resource for finding official Xena publicity stills. I can't believe I wasted all that time searching
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Created a Buffy/Angel website category on Fanlore and noticed again how easy it was to identify a Buffy fansite by the title. Which reminded me of a Buffy/Spike site I once salivated over: Carnal Sins. It is not on Fanlore yet, and I have no idea how many fans frequented the site. Most of my BTVS explorations were conducted via Google or whatever the search engine du jour was, and I had no contact with actual fans. Something to research later....
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1. "Linking Rules" or "Linking Etiquette" or ?? - not sure where the line between fannish etiquette and netiquette in general is - fansite owners' rules about linking to the main page instead of linking to the fanfic page, asking permission to link to someone else's site at all (not so common now; the LJ version is asking permission to friend someone. answer: yes, you can, but I won't friend you back.), no hotlinking [but hotlinking might mean different things in different contexts?], setting the click-through link when you post someone else's fanart on Tumblr, ??

2. permission community norms - what fans ask permission for and what they don't - changes over time, across communities - when non-fans don't ask permission - when it's okay to share deleted fanworks - using someone else's fanart to make icons - remixes
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1. the fuck is this. what is the point of recording five minutes of a fic you yourself wrote for the privilege of no longer owning it or the right to post the podfic in full? Also, it sounds like the judging will be based purely on the text and not on the recording, so why even bother with the audio? If you win, you have the honor of A Professional recording your fanfic. This is my favorite part: Proper credit, as Random House deems appropriate, will be given to the Runners Up and Grand Prize Winners. The Audio Works will be the sole property of Random House and may be published and reproduced in any and all forms and media throughout the world, without further obligation. You also get a random selection of professional audiobooks worth $200 (whatever they feel like giving you). Oh, and if you're doing Star Wars, you can't use any canon details from the tie-in novels. Somehow I doubt they're going to give the grand prize to the Luke/Han always-a-girl femslash AU where they meet at the Imperial Academy. Basically, don't do it.

1a. Whatever. Someone will be very happy with their Artemis Fowl canon-compliant gen fic being sold as a Random House audiobook and not getting any royalties.

ETA 1b. another interpretation of the Random House contract, equally damning.

2. more Fanlore pages about wizard rock!


Mar. 19th, 2009 04:38 pm
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years later I stumble on the Dumbledore discussions: You and me both, David Thewlis.

Am now pondering how the phrase "I love my dead gay headmaster" got to be so popular. This should go in that wiki.


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