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podfic permission article

Trying to find a citation for this statement:

Some have even expressed disgust at the thought of listening to explicit fanfic read aloud by a girl.

I think the "by a girl" is subtext, as all the comments I see just say "podfic is gross and creepy" and leave off the gendering bit. But I swear I heard or read some interesting meta somewhere speculating that (homophobic) women were horrified by the thought of being read porn specifically because it was read by other women and they were too insecure in their sexuality to tolerate being turned on by a female voice.

I am so done for today.
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There was tons on stuff on FFA, but it always was about the explicit sex and the intimacy--it read to me more like having another fan who's like not a professional but someone just like you read it rather than the homophobic bit. It seemed about closeness and intimacy mostly. But i'm sure there's a homophobe or two out there in slash fandom :D I'm just not sure it's representative of the I am squicked comments...
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That sounds more like it's conflating two issues a lot of people have with podfic. One is that it's creepy for someone to be reading sex scenes aloud, and the other is that since it's mostly women reading about male characters, the voices don't sound right.

I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if there were some people who thought it was more gross and creepy because the readers were female, but mostly it seems that they think it's gross and creepy, period, regardless of who's reading.