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Muskrat Jamboree 2013: In summary, it was fun.

I took my own advice and skipped one panel each day to sit in the con suite and put glitter on things. It was very relaxing, and other fangirls were there, making glittery things that were better than mine.

Because I am a cheapskate, I did not take my own advice about booking a hotel room so I could participate in room parties, and my decision resulted in my being a total zombie on Saturday, since I had to drive home at midnight and then come back for a 9 am panel. Super fun! But I did go to two room parties anyway: On Saturday I joined the Supernatural viewing party (yes, I'm not in Supernatural fandom, so what), but left after one episode so I could get home without collapsing in an empty Alewife garage at midnight. On Friday klb hosted a podficcer gathering where we recorded four(?) group podfics on the spot. It was amazing! I participated in two; it was my first time doing a live multi-voice session and my first time doing a cold reading. Inkjunket expressed amazement that people were able to mostly read straight through without having to re-do every line. If I had been recording alone, I know I would have re-recorded everything, so I'm interested to hear how the finished product sounds. After the recording session I went out to dinner with Inkjunket, a lovely person I had never talked to before.

Panels I attended:

- slash pictionary
- Avengers movie squee
- fannish challenges, fests, etc.
- fourth wall
- Knotting

- Tumblr
- Teen Wolf fanon
- Fall Out Boy
- Fandom Osmosis
- Robots
- Due South

Friday I paid the exorbitant hotel parking fee so I could stay for the vid show and dance party and not worry about creepy Mass Ave + subways at midnight. Dance party was fun, though right before the end I noticed some fangirls weeping and hugging in a corner because My Chemical Romance had broken up. Initially I thought that SOMEONE HAD DIED. I needed to remind myself about that time I lay awake for an entire night being angry after I saw "Seeing Red."

The Panels

I took a few notes, because I'm a compulsive note-taker, but most of this is from memory.

The slash pictionary panel was an entertaining game, but so loud and enthusiastic that I thought my energy might drain right out and I'd fail out of the convention before the second panel. The second panel was better -- people talked about the Avengers movie and the characterization in the film vs. what people were expecting in advance. People expected Steve/Tony dynamics, but came out of the film shipping Tony/Bruce (a.k.a. science bros, which I did not know about). How great/interesting Black Widow's actual role in the film vs. what most of the film critics saw -- a girl there for eye candy and not doing anything. How Hulk works better in an ensemble. The great writing managed to tie everything together -- everyone's character development was affected by the actions of the other characters. How people who hadn't watched the previous films and knew the characters' backstories wouldn't understand/appreciate the film as much. An interesting side discussion about Avengers vs. Thor not being the same fandom -- Avengers the film didn't do much for Thor and Loki's character development.

The "Challenge Accepted" panel was good, partly because most of the podficcers were there, partly because it was a small group and I felt I could talk more easily (meaning two sentences instead of zero). We discussed types of challenges, good and bad experiences of participants and mods, pointers for how to mod, the importance of self-knowledge (what you can and cannot do, who you can and cannot work with, etc.), contacting the mods early when you know there's a problem (especially for challenges where you are working with a partner), new ideas for challenges. Also a new OTP emerged: mod/spreadsheet.

"Fourth Wall Not Found: Fandom in a Social Media World" featured lots of interesting thoughts about changing relations between fans and creators. bethbethbeth mentioned that although there had been no contact between fans and creators on LiveJournal, there had been plenty of contact in the Usenet days. In forum-based Star Wars fandom, fans always knew the creators were watching. faithgirl said she didn't want creators to be influenced by what fans want. Creators might give it to us, but do it wrong, or they might take it away -- DS9 put a stop to the Garak/Bashir subtext scenes when they realized how fans interpreted them. Being on twitter when you're an RPF fan and the subjects of your RPF are on twitter, too. Boundaries. Social media breeds entitled fans and entitled creators, but also a shock for both sides -- creators find out what fans are doing with their creations/how they interpret it, and fans sometimes find out that the creators are jerks. Becoming friends with the people on your reality television shows. Twitter as performance, not necessarily real since they know we're watching. One person there said she actually worked with actors on their social media presence. A mediated account done by PR is safer, but an unmediated account can encourage fandom more. Some creators really need to not be on twitter. Stephen Moffat. Time spent on Twitter is time not spent creating. Who are these fans who want to touch the creator on twitter? Insert joke about touching.

"I am obsessed with knotting :(" was a hilarious panel that I took very few notes on. We talked about why we liked it, canine biology, origins of the trope, prevalence in different fandoms, getting bored and wanting to play video games because you're stuck together for an hour (Derek/Stiles fic). Someone commented that there was no knotting fic in Star Trek Reboot or One Direction fandom. Miscellaneous quotes: "more than normal fucked -- super-fucked!" (on why she liked knotting), "It's very important that Jim is the bottom always" (Star Trek Reboot fic preference). "pegboy Clark" trope can be found on the Smallville Slash Archive. A fic called "Gordian Knot" -- I did not write down author or fandom.


Saturday was awkward because there was a casting call for children happening on the same floor. (Someone later tweeted that it was a scam. Nice.) It was extra awkward for the kink panel; someone had to stand outside the door and prevent people from wandering in.

"Tumblr: Best Thing Ever or the Death of Fandom as We Know It?" No one said it was the death of fandom as we know it, though people pointed out design flaws in the Tumblr interface. Pros and cons of posting fic there -- impossible to find later, but a good format for prompts (as long as you repost it elsewhere when it's finished). Some kids posting fic on Tumblr because they are just getting into fandom now and they don't know fandom is anywhere else. Pros and cons of Tumblr tags. People not tagging in a way that lets other people find the posts. Fic in the tags. Tags as a low-pressure place to add comments you don't feel merit reblogging; tags as a way for shy people to comment. The etiquette about using other people's very specific tags (don't do it) -- there was a bug in a Tumblr extension that caused automatic reblogging of tags. The awesomeness of Tumblr-specific fanworks like AU graphics and gif sets. Fan/Creator interaction on Tumblr. Vlog brothers track the Tumblr tags about them. The "is that really John Green" game. Ginger Haze is someone I should be following on Tumblr.

"I Call This Pack Meeting To Order: Tropes and Fanon in Teen Wolf Fic". The discussion veered off onto general squee, but no one minded. Fanon examples:
- Derek's car was actually owned by Laura (one mod said she loved how fandom just decided that Derek was not able to buy his own car)
- Derek living off his family's life insurance (actually Tyler Hoechlin's headcanon)
- Sheriff Stilinski doesn't have a first name, so we usually call him John (or something outlandish)
- Stiles' first name is Genim because of a folder scribble in one scene that fandom screencapped and examined closely (Jeff Davis says not canon)
- Stiles shaved his head in solidarity with his mother, who had chemo (don't actually know what she died of in canon)
- elaborate back stories given to Derek's pre-fire family
- demon!Stiles (One fangirl who hadn't watched the show was devastated to hear that Stiles wasn't actually a demon)
- Stiles as pack mom (discussion about Scott being more suited to this role based on canon)
- werewolves scenting really complex emotions (Derek must just not understand the emotions he scents at all, or the canon wouldn't make sense)
- "mating bite" = biting the wrist like Peter offered to do to Stiles in that one scene
- Stiles becomes a major magician in fic, less clear in canon
- "The Spark," a metaphoric comment in one episode, has taken on Sentinel-Guide proportions
- likewise, Anchors
- use/abuse of ADHD meds in fic based on scene in show, but both canon and fic trope are medically inaccurate
- Derek hung out in gay bars while living in New York (based on Jeff Davis comment: Derek went to Splash bar in NY)
- Derek only had sex once
- or Derek had a lot of sex to punish himself after Kate
- fandom ignores stupid half-wolf makeup on the show and writes full-wolf transformations
- Greenberg is a figment of Coach's imagination
- Stiles' mother was friends with the Hale family
- wolfsbane as sex pollen
- tattooed Stiles

Fandom Osmosis panel: It was fun, but I took no notes, and the only specific discussion point I remember is what constitutes being "in" a fandom. People were talking about reading fic "outside" their fandoms and getting a sense (right or wrong) of the canon that way, but if you're reading the fic, are you not in the fandom? Various answers: have to want to consume the canon, have to read A LOT, have to do meta discussion, have to make fanworks, have to have that special fannish feeling.

The due South panel was interesting. People talked about the different ways/times they got into fandom: when the show first aired, with Ray Kowalski/third season, during the Ray Wars, after the Ray Wars, when you could buy the DVD for $12 at Target, from slash fandom, following writers from other fandoms (Stargate or Sentinel), from reading the fic, from reading Ray/Ray fic in January 2013 (!), pimped into the fandom last month by the person who was reading Ray/Ray fic in January (!!). One mod (bethbethbeth) hadn't been in the fandom for nine years, and one mod had just discovered fandom in 2011 (ride_4ever). Beth said it really says something about Due South fandom that we're in 2013 and a significant portion of the room is no longer active in the fandom, but we all wanted to go to a panel celebrating Due South. Due South (and the fic) like a safety blanket -- it makes people happy. Closed canon helps = happy ending. Discussion of how horrible it would be if there were a reunion movie; fortunately, it seems Paul Gross doesn't want to, so we're safe. There was a long period after reruns were no longer airing and before the DVDs were released that fans relied on episode transcripts posted online. Discussion of the Ray Wars -- a few fans reported getting recent angry comments from an anonymous Vecchio fan*, so there was talk about whether the Ray Wars were actually over. Beth talked about starting ds reporter in 2002, how the mods had to be anonymous so that knowledge of their ships wouldn't color perceptions of the comm. Beth had to create a pseudonym to join the Vecchio mailing list and get news of new Vecchio fic, because Fraser/Kowalski shippers were getting rejected from the list. The rise of Ray/Ray pairing in fic (written by Fraser/Kowalski fans?). Kowalski fandom can afford to be magnanimous since their "side" "won" -- F/K now most popular pairing, got the canon happy ending. Due South now active on AO3, not much presence on Tumblr ... yet... (but anything dS that gets posted Will Be Reblogged).

*ETA 10/22/13 possibly this person, who might also be this person.

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Date: 2013-03-24 11:51 pm (UTC)
kass: Ray Kowalski ponders. (RayK)
From: [personal profile] kass
Thank you for posting these notes -- you made it to some of the panels I didn't get to but wished I'd made it to, and I love getting these glimpses of what I missed (and also of what I attended!)

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Date: 2013-03-26 02:28 am (UTC)
elaineofshalott: Text reads, "Keep calm and fake a British accent." (anglofakery)
From: [personal profile] elaineofshalott
HI [personal profile] aethel I FRIEND YOU! We seem to share some fandoms, & I had fun making podfic with you at the room party (I'm the one who suggested the Hitchhiker's fic & read Arthur). :)

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Date: 2013-03-25 02:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*vicarious squee* (haven't been to any sort of con since college, secretly shy about this sort of thing.)

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Date: 2013-09-20 02:43 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Kowalski fandom isn't magnanimous at all! :-( You simply can't fit into dS fandom anymore unless you ship F/K and prefer Kowalski over Ray Vecchio. It was better years ago, when more pairings, including het pairings like Fraser/Thatcher, were being written and shipped. But F/K has taken over the fandom, and nothing else matters. :-(


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